2016 Photography · Newborn Photography

Alena {8 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond VA

It always makes me happy when my newborn clients come back with their newest addition.  Watching my families grow is such a blessing.  My visit with newborn Alena was no different.

Little Alena came into the studio at just 8 days.  Eight wonderful days and she is beautiful. Perfect little pea-pod, our time together was a joy.

I am growing to treasure itty bitty baby parts.  Little nose, little toes.    All of  newborn Alena’s are perfect.

Love these pics with Alena and her family.  Love, love, love them.

As I went through this session I just kept finding new favorites.  Hand shots can be tricky…. little hands don’t always like to stay where you put them.  We grabbed this one at the end or our session and I do not think it could be more perfect.  Those pudgy two year old hands are so precious and Alena’s chubby little cheeks are adorable.    So much love!


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