Clella {1 Year} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

Birthday sessions are always fun.  Always!  Because really, who doesn’t love a kid celebrating a birthday.  Especially the first.  Its always something special and this mom went all out to make sure we were celebrating with style.

The balloons, oh the balloons.  I do not thing little Clella knew what to do with them.  So many of them.  But they were perfect.

And the tutus and the pearls and the lace and the bubbles…. I only have boys at my house, so whenever a little girl gets her girliness on, I love it.

Happy Birthday Clella!!

PS – wondering about that name.  It’s her great, great grandmother.  Never heard it before?  That’s because there are only 7 of them in US.  Its a beautiful name.

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