Brendan {2 years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

I love celebrating birthdays with my little clients and when this cutie came back, I thought, my goodness – another year already!  Yup, here he is, two year old Brendan!  Look how he has grown up!


Mom brought lots of fun toys…. have I mentioned I love vintage looking toy!.  I fell in love with these blocks.  And so did Brendan.  I love capturing kids doing what they love to do.

Also high on my list of little boy things are plaid rompers (I was so sad when my own kids finally grew out of them) and books.  This ‘Little Blue Truck’ look was perfect for Brendan – matches his stunning blue eyes.

And it was great to see Brendan’s family again.  He is so lucky to have so many of his grandparents close by and in his life.  They are beautiful family!


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