JDRF Mini Sessions – Mini-Sessions, Richmond, VA

Wow!  It’s all I can say every time I think about how awesome these sessions went.  It was no surprise that the two day were way warmer than expected, seems par fro the course this summer.  But the joy of meeting with 14 families was overwhelming.  Some new families, some old friends, pregnant moms who came back with new babies.  What a joy!

And perhaps the best part is that we raised over $900 for the JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation).  Since our son;s diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes in 2012, this organization has been near and dear to our hearts.  Type 1 diabetes has no known cause and no cure.  It is not caused by poor diet or lack of excercise.  Each year 30,000 children and adults are diagnosed with Type 1 and our family has vowed to join the fight until a cure is found.  In the last four years, our family team, Trey’s Avengers,  has raised over $50,000.  In part thanks to those who join us each year for our JDRF minis!

New mini session announcements are coming soon.  Fall is here (finally) and those beautiful autumn colors are coming!

In no particular orders, the amazing fourteen families that joined us last month….


Barbara and Sebastian’s family have become friends over the years.  They are such a beautiful family.  Their mom chose an early slot for morning light – they were graciously rewarded!  {Midlo-Mines}


Much of my business comes from referrals and this family is no exception.  This was my first time meeting Weston & Evie, who came by way of a fellow Type 1 mamma.  And I am so glad they did because these kid’s were a joy. {Midlo-Mines}


Last Spring this family came to the Little Loves’ minis with a baby in the mamma belly.  Well little Caroline has joined us with big sister Claire.  They are so cute together.  Such beauties! {Midlo-Mines}


These two are Claire & Caroline’s cousins.  Yes, cuteness runs deep with this family.  Their mamma was also pregnant last Spring, so yes, another baby.   And what?!?  That baby James came with a vintage crate and a beautiful quilt.  Seriously?  Pintrest just exploded.  I think Kaylee is just as pleased as I am with this turn of events  {Midlo-Mines}


Oh Olivia!  I mean really, look at this cuteness.  She has so much adorable personality, I was delighted to see her and her family back for our mini sessions! {Midlo-Mines}


Sweet Kelina – she has been coming to me since she was a newborn and she is now four.  What…. four {ok, I feel old}!  But after years of hiding her smiles, she brought the joy on full force.    Love these! {Midlo-Mines}


Rowan first came to me for a newborn session earlier this year.  And you cant’t tell in these pictures but he has quite a serious streak.  The most adorable kind of seriuos.  He has grown so much, so glad to see this family again.  {Midlo-Mines}


Love this family!  They send so many of their friend’s to my mini’s and I am so appreciative.  And these two girls – I cannot explain how much they make me laugh.  Lucia & Allie, it is always great to see you! {Midlo-Mines}


Lionel!  This kid here personifies big personality in a little package.  All smiles and laughs with this guy.  He could not be cuter and I am pretty sure he knows it.


That mom stood in that doorway in the Spring with that sweet child in her belly.  Love that it happened again and I will admit it was a bit serendipitous.  So great to see Levi and meet his little brother Sawyer!


Little Miss Molly.  She is such a sweet, sweet child.  She has grown so much since I saw her last.


{Giggle}  I won’t lie – mini session can be as challenging as they are fun.  It’s a lot of families in a short period of time.  And this family showed up just on time to add a little twist into my day.   Ben & Jack wanted to sit on that wall (and if you are familiar with the Carillon, that is not a short wall) so they did.  And it was perfect!  Love families with a bit of crazy in them.


David & Eliza were awesome to work with.  Eliza has a gorgeous smile.   And David…. wanted to wear a tie!  Ok, this mom is awestruck because my boys that age generally exist in running pants and day old tee shirts.    Looking good kiddos!


There she is – sweet, energetic Adele, the last mini of the weekend.  She wanted to play chase, so we did.  Love her big smiles and beautiful eyes.

My heartfelt thanks to each of these families for helping to support JDRF!

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