Finley {2 years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

Oh my goodness, the pink, fluffy, tulle coated wonder of it all.  Finley turned two and this girl did it in style.

We had a beautiful morning down at Forest Hill Park, which is quickly becoming one of my favorite spots (as long as we avoid the Farmer’s Market).  It was warm and quiet and had perfect light.

And she bought her MINGOS!  I have never done a photo session with Flamingos but she quite insisted on it.  So much ‘mingo love!  I somehow start to wonder if all my sessions should include Flamingos.

And keeping with the pink bird theme, oh this pink peacock dress…. and those curls.   It’s a long hill back up from Forest Hill park but she kept her spirits all the way.  Even dropping a few sweet smiles along the way.

It has been a joy to watch Finley (and her sister) grow these past few years.  Just getting cuter by the moment.

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