Declan {family} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

I am so happy this one worked out.  This mom won a session late last year and finally came to see me.  What a joy to meet this family…. and this sweet guy – Little Declan!

Both Mom & Dad are architects and wanted a bit of Richmond’s industrial flair and history as part of their session.  She suggested this location – Great Shiplock Park in the eastern corner of the city.  I had run through there many times, but never taken pictures.

It was perfect.  I think it had the best mix of steel and fall grasses.


And, save the few moments when a train rumbled over head, Declan loved exploring the area.  Look at this sweetheart


Declan and his family are so sweet!  I am thankful they were my winners because I loved my time with them.  These pictures are going to look so great on a Christmas card!!


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