Melissa {maternity} – Maternity Photography, Richmond, VA

What a fabulous session!  Such a stunning mamma!

This session happened just after our first snowfall this year and we all know how snow just shuts down our fine city.  So Melissa and I went back and forth that day about what we should do.  The temps barely crept above 22 all day and the roads were hit and miss.

But Melissa was determined and far be it from me to stop her, because, you know, babies don’t wait inside forever.   Maternity pictures in the snow are a special treat.  Cold… very cold, but lovely none the less

Of course, I could not in good conscious leave this girl out in the snow too long (plus I totally could not feel my fingers well enough to work my camera), so we came in to finish our sessions.  Check out this maternity gown she brought.  Pink… because it’s a girl.

Seriously, just radiant!!

This mamma is such a cutie!  Look at the sweet love between these two.  And are you wondering about her fantastic hair.  Yup, I loved it too.  Turns out this mom makes her own hair care products.  Amazing!

So excited to meet her sweet angel in just a few weeks!

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