Judah {cake smash – 1 year} – Children’s Photography – Richmond,VA

Have I mentioned recently how much I love cake smashes?!?!  I LOVE cake smashes.    And lucky me, I had two of my newborn clients come back this week to smash some cake with me.  Sticky, sticky studio floors!

This is one year old Judah and his exceptional big brother.  I have done newborn sessions and cake smashes for both these boys.  And every step of the way, they have been as cute as they can me.  Look at these handsome, sweet things.


As for Judah, he also loves cake smashes.  It is always amazing (although no longer surprising) how many toddlers actually will not eat cake (true story!).  All you parents out there teaching your kids to use utensils and eat healthy – its working!  But all that parental guidance did not stop this kid.  He was all about that cake!


And look how happy all that cake made him.  Judah, I don’t blame you one bit.  Cake makes me happy too!!


It is an honor to have my clients come back time and time again.  Sometimes I look at these kids and cannot believe how much time has passed.  This family is a joy and I have had the privilege of watching them grow.  Now they have this two handsome little men and they could not be sweeter!


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