2017 · Children & Family Photography

Alena {cake smash}

So many flowers, so much pink!  This is one-year old, sweet as can be, Alena and I was so excited to have her back for her one-year cake smash.  Her mamma went all out for this one – flowers and glitter, pink and gold!.  And of course, her brother Luke, who was filled with birthday love for his little sister.

Look at these giant, beautiful blue eyes! Could she be more precious in that flower wreath.  So many sweet smiles during our photography session.

After some family time outside we went into the studio for the main event – the cake smash!  Oh my goodness, I am still finding the glitter confetti!  I love it.  So much glitter and gold!  And tutus and beads!  It was all so adorable.

Oh sweet Alena – it was such a joy to see you smash that cake.

It is always a pleasure to photograph this family.  These two kids are so sweet and have the most contagious little smiles.  Happy Birthday Alena!


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