Amauri {10 days new}

Oh my, this 6 pound bundle of boy was so handsome!  And so well behaved!  Look at those wee little fingers and toes.

It took him a while to settle into his role.  This kid already knows that with just a few cries, there are a willing set of arms to snuggle with him.  And I know why – he brought with him BOTH of his sweet grandmothers to our newborn session. We had a full house in the studio and it was so wonderful.  Look at this sweet little face!  He is so loved and so happy.

And boy does he look sharp in that bowtie.  I am quite sure that little Amauri is going to be one well dressed little guy.  Mom teaches fashion marketing and Dad has his own apparel line.  Yup, this kid is already destined to be better dressed than me.

Speaking of Daddy’s fashion brand, there is it.


Little Amauri was an angel and his family a joy.  I am so glad that I had so many helpers in the studio that day.






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