Noa {12 days new}

Meet Noa!  He is as cute and precious as he can be.  Love that he stayed awake for a few minutes to share his beautiful and curious eyes.  And then peacefully asleep.

This handsome little guys joined me for his newborn session at just 12 days old, weighing in right at 7 pounds and he was perfect.  Like a little pea in a pod – this green really suites this handsome guy.

For most of our newborn photography session Noa was so perfectly quiet and agreeable. But those few times he decided to yell… oh my, this boy has a very healthy little set of lungs.  But still… so cute!  And those toes!

His parents are from the west coast and haven’t been in RVA long.  They definitely brought some west coast style with them.   Love these images with mom and dad.  So perfect…

and so much love!  This family was a pleasure to have in the studio and little Noa is a total sweetheart!

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