2017 · Children & Family Photography

Grayson {family}

This is the adorable, 10 month old Grayson.  I have not seen his family since his newborn session last year.  And what a joy!  Look at his sweet smiles.  This kid is such a cutie!!

Grandparents can be such a special part of a family, so I adore when they join us at sessions.  After living all over the world, these grandparents (Bill & Charlie) moved to Richmond to be closer to little Grayson.  They are fortunate to spend a lot of time together and I hope one day these will images will remind Grayson of happy memories.

These two – Grayson and his grandpa –  what a special bond the have!

And his sweet mamma.  In my favorite spot under the bridge.  Beautiful!

We were so lucky to have one of the last beautifully warm days before this most recent wave of heat hit.   Midlo-Mines was picture perfect, as is this family.    So enjoyed spending time with them.



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