Kaylee {family}

Kaylee’s family is leaving RVA and that makes me sad.  They are sweet, sweet people.  But I am so excited they are headed back to the west coast to be with family in sunny CA.  I know their families’ are missing this cute little face.  Seriously, look at those big, bright eyes!

Kaylee was reserving her smiles during our session but we snuck a few in.  She loved showing off her standing skills at just 10 months old.  She has grown a lot since I saw her last at her newborn session.

Her mom brought this adorable vintage style egg basket.  I love these baskets.  How perfect that we were at the Meadow Farm Park.  I mean, if you are gonna stick a baby in an egg basket, you might as well be at a historical farm.  Adorable, Kaylee!

Under this tree was a beautiful place to explore.  And drool.  Oh sweet girl is popping out some teeth because the drool was never ending.  Her dad’s hand was beyond wet.  But still… so cute.

This family is so beautiful.  Kaylee smiles just like her mom.

I will miss having future photo sessions with this family.  But I know this girl is off to wonderful things… and to be with her family.  She is in good hands.


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