Audrey {5 days new}

Oh little Audrey!  This girl is such a sweetie!  I have not had a newborn in my studio this young in a while and I forgot how delightful they were to work with.  She slept like an angel the entire time.

Almost two year old Liam is a great big brother.  But lets be fair, he is more into trucks and trains than having sweet moments with his new sister.  Who can blame him.  He still did great.

Her brother had been in for a newborn session almost two years ago.  Mom was loving having a little girl so we rocked all the pinks.  ALL. THE. PINK!  And the purples, lavenders, lilacs, corals and of course, the flowers.  Oh, and the lace.

This family is so beautiful.  Love these precious moments.  So thankful they brought their newest addition in to meet me.

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