2017 · Newborn Photography

Frank {16 days new}

This handsome little thing joined me in studio at 16 days old.  Made him a bit more awake and alert than some, but thats okay because it means that we got to take pictures of those wonderful eyes.  Look at this little man, love all the faces and those bright eyes!

This is a military family.  Mom and Dad met in the Army and his Dad still proudly serves our country.  She brought his amazing decommissioned flag from a post office.   And a ton of Army apparel from her husband.  They had taken a similar pictures of their first daughter when they were deployed in Germany and can’t wait to display them together.  I love it!

Look at that nose and those fingers and toes.  Frank is quite the looker in that bowtie.  And yes, sound asleep!

Speaking of that big sister.  There she is.  She was so sweet and excited during our maternity session – being a big sister suites her!  And she was just as perfect during our newborn session.    Look at these sweet smiles and tender moments.  Love these two together – look forward to seeing this family again!


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