Lucy & Lily {family}

Oh goodness, I just love watching families grow.  As a children’s photographer it is one of the most wonderful things I get to do.  And this family is no exception.  These little girls just keep getting cuter!  One year old Lily and her sweet-as-can-be big sister, Lucy.


Lucy is adorable and definitely at that age where she runs the session.  Keeps me on my toes.  So we did flowers and we did fountains.  And she did lots of cuteness.


Look at those big bright eyes!  These sisters will be best of friends.


A few years ago, I did a very similar session with this family.  Same family, same place, one less little bundle of cute.   Clearly this could not be put on the wall without little Lily, but having lived in Church Hill, their mom loved the picture.  So here we are again, plus one.  I think its perfect!  Such a joy working with this family and watching their little girls grow!


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