Clayton {cake smash}

Big month for birthdays – this handsome guy turned one!  He was so sweet, showing off his standing skills.  And he was all about that lollipop.    Oh Clayton, you are such a cutie!


Clayton’s family is so sweet!  He brought a few extra members to our birthday session, including grandma and his pups.  So many laughs – he and his grandma have a special bond.    They were so cute together!


After all the playing, cuddling, chasing, giggling and exploring, we finally got down to business.  We are here to celebrate a birthday after all.  Clayton’s mom brought him a mango cupcake.  Yup, mango!  What a yellowy ball of sugary mess.  He was an expert cake smasher.  Truly exceptional  And I have to admit, I was kinda happy not to be cleaning that mango frosting off my studio floor.  Look at those blue eyes.  Happy Birthday Clayton!


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