JDRF Mini {2017}

Thank you to everyone that joined us this year at the JDRF Minis.  They were a huge success!  Because of your participation, Little Loves Photography will be donating $600 to the JDRF!

This year I was excited to have a bunch of beautiful families join me at two locations – Monument Ave and the Carillon.  It was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces and meet some new ones.

I always love starting my Minis with some familiar faces.  And these are some of my favorites.  I always enjoy seeing this family.  Barbara and Sebastian are adorable.  They get it from their parents.


These big brown eyes were at my studio for a a newborn session just a few months ago.  This is Vihaan and oh my, how he has grown. We got to spent a bit of time with his family, who are here visiting him.  They were all so precious together.


I always love my sessions with this sweet girl, she has been coming to see me since shortly after she was born.  This is 5 year old, fresh off to Kindergarten Kelina.   She has a smile that glows and beautiful brown eyes.  You are growing up just amazing, little girl!


This is my first time meeting this family and I am so happy to introduce these two little miracles to you.  Meet Carson & Caybrie!  How cute are they!  This is such a special family – last year they served as the March of Dines Ambassador family.  Love people doing good work for important causes.


This is Carter and Zach.  They are the same age as my boys and that always makes the seession a little more fun.  They were great to work with and so handsome.    And those parents – they are celebrating an engagement.  Aren’t they sweet!!


Photography Olivia has always been a joy.  She is an absolute beauty and loves the camera.  She is all smiles and twirls.  And now she has a sister. Meet Quinn!  Who is filled with bright eyed curiosity for this world.  Adorable!


I get such a kick out of these girls every year!  Lucia and Allie always roll up with big smiles and fun ideas.    And among all their fun picture ideas was this… let’s do black and white!  So we did.    It was the perfect compliment to their very smart outfit choices – inverse stars.  And I love it!


More new faces with Madeline & Carter!  These kids were great.  Little boys in button up shirts always make me happy and Madeline is such a beauty – look at that sweet smile!


My greatest to all the families that joined us for the JDRF Mini-Sessions.  Our family is so thankful for all of you who help us to support this cause!




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