2017 · Children & Family Photography

Braydan {family}

This session was so fun!  Meet three year old Braydan and his family.  His mom wanted to meet at a park because she realized she was always at the playground. but never in pictures (yup, me too!).  Well. not anymore.  This first one, its my favorite!

This family is so beautiful.  This session was filled with lots of hugs and kisses…. and swings and… beavers.  Is that what that is?  I am not sure, but whatever it is, Braydan liked it and thats what matters here.

We did it all and Braydan had a blast.  We all even climbed into some play toy that I am a little surprised we could all climb out of.  The curious mind of a little boy, he wanted to see it all.

Such a lovely family of three, about to be four.  They had such a perfect day for their sessions.  I cannot wait to meet their newest addition at there newborn session.

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