2017 · Newborn Photography

Meera & Reeva {8 days new}

These two beauties arrived into this world a few weeks early, weighing just over 5lb and 6 lbs each.  And oh my goodness, are they adorable.  Meet newborns Meera & Reeva!

I have to admit that, while newborn photography can have its challenges, a twin session can sometimes be double so.  But not these two.  They were quiet as can be.  They were so happy to be bundled up and snuggled together.

They each have their own sweet personality.  Little Reeva barely moved.  Meera is her slightly more vocal sister and definitely had something to say when she was hungry.  But they were both just as sweet as can be.

I recently picked up this pink fur and lace and it has been in my studio waiting for the perfect moment.  And perfection was found indeed.  Look at these sweet snuggles.  look at all those little fingers and toes – twenty to be exact.

Such a beautiful newborn session with these two.  Look forward to seeing them again!


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