Colin {9 months}

I have known this family for a while, but this is my first time meeting 9 month old Colin, and what a treat he was.  Just the cutest little smile.


We put him in that little green chair and he was all about it. I am not sure he knew he could get out and we weren’t going to tell him. So he just gave me all the handsome faces.

And can we talk about the plaid and the sweater.  Little dressed up boys are the best.    He did great on that scooter.


This is big sister Molly.  She was in studio to be in one pictures with her brother.  It was a serious affair.  Molly definitely knew what she wanted to do and it was not this.

But it was this.  So here is big sister Molly in her chosen element – red bear, a giant pinwheel and of course a pink chair.  Which she decided upon after trying out every other chair in the studio.  Great time with this sweet family.


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