Madison, Abigail & Ella Grace {family}

Three girls under three!  Meet Madison, Abigail and Ella Grace, cousins!    These moms are fotunate enough to be surrounded by family here in the Richmond area.  So they got together and let these little ladies run the show.  Literally, run.  These three never stopped moving.

These are sisters Abigail and Madison, with their infection smiles and beautiful eyes.   They turn two and three this fall.  They would not give up the smiles easily, but when they did it was worth the effort.  So cute!

Farmhouse doors were very popular at our session.  Although we never went in any, these girls were determined to see what was on the other side.  These monkey moves are hysterical.

And this is their younger cousin Ella Grace.  And she was delightful.  She discovered a large porch for us to play on.  Okay, she was playing.  I was running back and forth.  As long as she smiles, I am good.  And now no need for a workout.

These girls were a blast!  I think if they ever decide to put out an album on an independent label, we shall add some Instagram-esque filters to this and it will be their cover.  They all quite insisted on sitting on that one pink chair, but not one would offer a smile.    Love seeing families together!





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