Ben {one year} – Children’s Photography – Richmond, VA

The end of the year brought two one year old boys into the studio  – it is such a fun age!  This is one year old Ben!  And this little guys is just a bundle of happiness.

Ben was all smiles for his birthday pictures. All smiles.  Check him out in this rocker.

Little kids are funny when you put them on new things.  Their adventurous little spirits take over.  Ben had never tried out a scooter,  but he got it.  And he seemed to love it.  And I love him in this blue sweater.  Such a handsome, little man.

Ben’s mom asked for one more outfits – its orange and has dogs on it, she said.  Yup, you had me at dogs.  So here is Ben – sporting his puppy dog sweater and showing off those standing skills.

Happy Birthday Ben!  It was a pleasure and joy to meet your sweet family.  I hope you will come share your smiles with me again soon!

BL B one 0138

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