Lucas {8 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Some newborns are just so ready for their photography session.  That would be Lucas.  This not-so-little ten pound ball of adorable joined me at just 8 days and he was perfect.  Both my boys were almost that size and so there is part of me that loves seeing all those rolls.

This handsome little man was so good for our newborn pictures.  He barely made a peep.  Not a sound.  I love this sweet hat his mom had.  And look at those pouty little lips.  This guy is so handsome.

Baby Lucas brought with him his hesitant, but delightful, big brother.  And they did what boys do.  Big trucks!  It’s so perfect.  My boys spent hours pushing each other around in their big trucks, and I am sure these two will to.

More tricks from this mamma’s bag.  She brought the cutest stuff for Lucas’s newborn photography pictures.  She made this quilt and this picture does not do it justice.  It is beautiful.  I am sure this is just the beginning of many happy memories for this little guy.   And that smile, its adorable!

It is so great to see this family again.  Our adventurous family pictures at the park earlier this year were a blast.    Look forward to more boy adventures soon!

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