Amauri {1 year} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

Oh my goodness, photographing this kid is such a hoot.  Probably because his mom does all the crazy behind me to get him to smile.  Actually, I cannot see her, so I don’t know what she is doing.  But whatever it is, this kid…. the smiles are hard to come be.    But still, he is adorable.   And check him out showing off those standing skills during our birthday photography session.

He has worn that same bow-tie for all his sessions since his newborn session.  The big green bow-tie is not so big anymore.


To finish off our awesome year together, there was cake.  Oh my, this cake.   Amauri likes to be very serious with me.  And his pursuit of this cake was just the same.  He seriously loved it.    He was all about this cake.    Happy Birthday Amauri – I am so honored to have shared this first year in pictures with you!

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