Brylen {1 year} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

These two are so fun!  And their parents are a joy to work with.   Meet Brylen and big sister, Adele!  They are all the cuteness together.  Adele is such a great big sister.  She works so hard to love on her bother and make him happy.

Brylen is celebrating his first birthday at his photo session today.  And he is pleased as punch with that fact.  He loved the wobble chair.    Look at those big, sweet smiles.  Cannot believe it’s been a year since we did his newborn pictures.

Of course, we let Adele in on the action.  She loves the camera!  And she loves to talk.  So many words… so many questions… so many smiles!  It makes our time together so fun.  Check out this beautiful, smart little wonder.  And her big sister skills are on point!

Finally, the big moment.  We came to smash some cake, so here we are.  This cake smash was hysterical.  There were quite a few other people in the park that day and they all got a kick out of Brylen NOT eating that cake.  Not at all.  We tried everything.  Till finally he just left the scene.  Happy Birthday Brylen – thanks for bringing all the joy that day!

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