Meera & Reeva {1 year} – Children & Family Photography- Richmond, VA

This family is so sweet and I enjoy always working with them.  Meet one year old twins, Meera and Reeva, and their parents.  I first met them a year ago when they brought these twins in for their newborn session.  Oh my, how they have grown!

These two are best of friends.  Each with their own little personality.  They were all giggles on that chair.  I love the red dresses their mom chose for their picture.  And those brown eyes are just beautiful!

Then came the cake smash.  And this will be one for the ages.  You never really know how kids are going to react when having a cake, or in this case, CAKES, placed in front of them.   And at first, these two were as sweet as sugar with their cakes.  I love all the pinks and frill.

But soon there was cake flying everywhere.  EVER-Y-WHERE!  It was amazing to watch.  A little less amazing to clean up, but totally worth it.  Happy Birthday Meera & Reeva!

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