Luca {11 days new}

Oh sweet Luca! He came to Little Loves at eleven days old for his newborn photography session. He is so sweet. We went with a neutral pallet and I love how they came out. That perfect button nose is just too much.

I adore the way newborns cuddle there little hands. Luca’s fingers are so long… and those feet. They just kept popping up like that. Stripes are my new fav – he looks great in grey.

Baby boys in hats and bowties are so much fun. As our photo session progressed, Luca continued to love those newborn little hand’s right near his face Look how peaceful he sleeps.

Newborns and their parents are always among my favorite images. Those first few weeks are so precious for newborn parents and they can go by in a sleept deprived blur. I hope Lucaa’s parents will look back on these and remember how precious those moments were.

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