Caroline {11 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Meet little Caroline, just 11 days new when she joined me in the studio for her newborn photography session. I love how precious her big brother Ben was during our entire photography session. She snuggled right in and he was happy to share the love and the kisses.

I know, that song is playing in my head too! And it fits… Caroline was so very sweet. Those baby cheeks and little button nose.

While so many newborn pictures have sleepy babies, it was a joy to see Caroline flash her beautiful eyes. It was amazing to see her so alert, yet so calm. And here he is again, the amazing big brother Ben, ready with a snuggle and a smile. These two will be such great friends.

These may just be my favorites. I love little Caroline in this sweet green bonnet. And just look at those fingers and toes. Because we all know that newborn baby fingers and toes are the best. What a wonderful newborn photo session with little Caroline – it is such a joy to watch this family grow.

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