Urban Exploration Minis {2019} – Mini Sessions – Richmond, VA

I knew our little city had a lot to offer. But my expectations were far exceeded when we did these Urban Exploration Mini Sessions. It was an area I have always wanted to explore with my clients and I could not be happier about what we found and the pictures we took. Love them, love them all.

This is Carson and Malachi and they are the beautiful children of one of my oldest and dearest friends. Our minis perfectly coincided with a visit from her awesome Dad. So family pictures it is. Carson always brings her sassy style – she rocked her first photography experience with little brother Malachi.

Minis always bring me some awesome new families! And I was delighted to meet this one. This is the beautiful Natalie – her smile is a ray of sunshine and her family was a joy to work with.

How awesome are these two. This is Mia and Ty. Ty brought his par core moves to our session – he chose that light pole picture himself. And big sister Mia is growing up to be quite the young lady. Its been several years since I have photographed them and I just love the little people they are becoming.

Oh boys! Brothers are such a blast to photograph, especially when one is airborne. Don’t worry, he was caught…. every time. And he loved it. So much fun on our first day of mini sessions with Fisher & Judah.

Our second day of minis brought a bit of a surprise – frigid temperatures. It was in the low forties for that morning’s first few sessions. But never the less we carried on and used the nearby train station to warm up. Which also happens to be recently renovated and absolutely stunning. This is Miles and Savannah. They took a few minutes to warm up to being photographed but in the end, they were all smiles.

When it’s too cold to be outside, the Main St. Station is the perfect solution. After all, it is a landmark of our great city and a beautiful place to explore. Clayton brought his sweetest smile for these. Always so much fun with him!

Vallie – this girl brought all her flair to our Urban Exploration Mini Sessions. She was picture perfect. I love the images we captured with her and her family. And that leather coat… oh girl!!!

This is Seth and can you see it – he was all smiles. When this family rolled in , it was chilly, but they wanted to get some of those fantastic Richmond murals in their pictures, so we persevered outside. Trust me, that vest was necessary. And Seth did great! That one with his Dad – its my favorite – love that face.

Never, ever a dull moment with this three. I think we can safely blame that on Everette who rarely slows down. But he is a great brother to his two sweet as can be sisters, Vivienne and Adeline. I have seen this family many times and I think these Urban Exploration Mini pictures are my new favorites of them.

Remember that time your mom planned the perfect outfits for your mini photography session and you decided to throw rainbow tights in the mix? Yup, that’s Ruby! And those tights match her little personality perfectly – bright and full of color. So much joy in these!

I can’t lie – its always a little scary when I pick a new location to photograph. Richmond has so many to explore. But this one…. its perfect. I love everything about this location, especially all the wonderful family who joined me there. Expect more Urban Exploration Minis in the future!

Miss your chance to mini! Fall Minis are in full swing but you are right on time for this year’s Holiday Mini Sessions. You can learn more about them here!

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