Luca {9 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

I do love watching families grow.  Two years ago, I was honored to do the newborn session for little Giovanni.  A few weeks ago, he welcomed a new little brother into the world and I was delighted to have this family back.  This is Giovanni and his little brother Luca.  Let me tell you, this boy could not have been sweeter to his little brother.

Luca wanted to spend some time checking out the studio and show off those eyes.  He was so curious and alert.  I am so glad he did, those eyes are beautiful.

He finally gave in to sleep and we got to spend lots of precious moments together.  Bowties are always adorable on our newborn boy crowd.  And they always look so big.  Luca will grow out of it soon.  But for now, sweet yawny faces and restful sleep in that stunning blue blanket his mamma made him.

It’s fall, so we had to do it.  Bringing in the spirit of changing leaves and the harvest for this autumn baby.  These colors look divine on little Luca.

Little hands, little feet.  Newborn Luca was so perfect for his pictures.   Love him in these soft grays and whites.  What a joy to see this family again!



Holiday Mini Sessions {2018}

Well I must admit, over the last several weeks I have simply had the hardest time committing to locations for these minis.  I wanted to make them something special for you all.  In the meantime, so many of you have been asking and I could not appreciate your excitement more.  After much deliberation, I have finally decided on the perfect locations for 2018.  We are going to do some old familiar locations, with some new ideas. These minis will not be background heavy, but will instead focus on beautiful light and locations with lots of fun props to bring in the holiday wonder.  Think fuzzy blankets, vintage tricycles, wreaths, wrapped gifts – fun little pops to bring in as much or as little holiday cheer to go with your families personality.  Can’t wait to do these with all of you!


Dates & Locations

Sunday November 25th –  BOOKED – THANK YOU!

1:00 – 4:00pm at Carillon (Fan)

Saturday, December 1st

9:00am – 12:00pm at Midlo-Mines (Southside)

Sunday, December 2nd

1:00 – 4:00 at Crump Park (West End)

Friday December 7th – Saturday December 8th

Limited morning INDOOR session at the Little Loves Studio (far West End)



  •  $100
  • 20 minutes session
  • 5 high resolution, professionally edited digital images, suitable for sharing and printing
  • 5 day guaranteed turn-around
  • online shareable gallery
  • photographer time & talent

Message Little Loves now to choose your session time.   A $50 session deposit is due to hold your session, payable online by credit card.  I will send a payment link and location details once your time is selected.

These holiday minis will be so fun and I look forward to working with each of your families!

Thank you for your continued business and support!!

Meera & Reeva {1 year} – Children & Family Photography- Richmond, VA

This family is so sweet and I enjoy always working with them.  Meet one year old twins, Meera and Reeva, and their parents.  I first met them a year ago when they brought these twins in for their newborn session.  Oh my, how they have grown!

These two are best of friends.  Each with their own little personality.  They were all giggles on that chair.  I love the red dresses their mom chose for their picture.  And those brown eyes are just beautiful!

Then came the cake smash.  And this will be one for the ages.  You never really know how kids are going to react when having a cake, or in this case, CAKES, placed in front of them.   And at first, these two were as sweet as sugar with their cakes.  I love all the pinks and frill.

But soon there was cake flying everywhere.  EVER-Y-WHERE!  It was amazing to watch.  A little less amazing to clean up, but totally worth it.  Happy Birthday Meera & Reeva!

Fall Mini-Sessions {2018}

Finally, Fall! And it’s not raining. What a beautiful combination! And yup, that means it’s Mini time. Fall Minis always bring out the best colors and so many beautiful families. I am so in love with this time of year. For 2018, I am bringing back an old favorite and trying a few new locations. There will be three date, all during prime foliage season.

Dates & Locations

Sunday. October 28th
1:00 – 5:00 pm at Forest Hill Park (Southside)

Saturday, November 10th
9:00 – 11:00 am at Deep Run Park (West End)

Saturday, November 11th
1:00 – 4:00 pm at Tuckahoe Plantation (West End)


– 20 minutes session
– 5 high resolution, professionally edited
digital images, suitable for sharing and printing
– online shareable gallery
– photographer time & talent

A $50 session deposit is due to hold your session, payable online by credit card. I will send a payment link and location details once your time is selected.

I am looking forward to serving your families this fall and seeing all of your beautiful faces!

Thank you for your continued business and support!! Happy Fall!!

Contact Little Loves today to book your session time!


JDRF Minis {2018} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

It is an absolute joy and privilege that I am able to give back to such an important charity in our life.  And I am thankful to all of you who help make those efforts possible.  Our son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes almost 6 years ago.  The JDRF has been a huge support to our family and the Type 1 community, funding research that we believe will some day lead to a cure to this terrible disease.  To be able to take my talents and abilities to support them, is truly a gift.  This year Little Loves Photography was excited to donate $600 to JDRF from these mini-sessions (that is 100% of the proceeds).  This has been part of our family’s efforts in the past 6 years, raising over $73.000 for JDRF.  Thank you to all that participate, as always it was an amazing group of families!

Meet Kinsley, Nolan and Brooks!  I have had the pleasure to meet these sweet kiddos at previous mini-sessions.  And this time Nolan brought his smiles, making it all the better.  And those bow-ties, oh gentlemen, you are too cute!

FB KBC mini

The fun and fabulous Stella!  These sweetheart is full of spunk and I love the energy she brings to our photography sessions.  And those eyes – all sparkle!  Always a pleasure to see this family!

FB Stella Mini

I just loved meeting this couple, they are wonderful.   This is Julie and Kevin.  The JDRF mission is close to their hearts, so it was extra special to have them.  Julie is a sweetheart and Kevin is the perfect southern gentleman.  They made being in love look easy and amazing.

FB JK Mini

I also got to meet Mary Alex and Eleanor.  These two girls were just amazing and surely destined for great things.  Their smiles are so precious.  So thankful for their support and all they do for JDRF.


This is such a great family, and our family has known them for many years.  Taylor, Brock and Carson are so great to photograph.  Not only are they super cute, but they bring those gorgeous smiles without me having to make one crazy face or silly noise.  And I appreciate that.  And I appreciate them!  Love you guys!


My greatest appreciation for all those who supported this year’s JDRF minis.  You all rock!

Logan – 8 days new – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh my sweet, bundle of perfection.  Meet newborn Logan!  He was absolutely perfect for his newborn session!  He even snuck us in that sweet smile.  His mamma loves giraffes so Logan got to cuddle with one in his pictures.

Little sleepy owl!  I love all these warm, natural colors this family chose for this sessions.  They compliment newborn Logan perfectly.  He is so precious in that owl hat.

Big man in a bowtie.  There is something so cute about a baby in a bowtie.  And lets be real, Logan is owning this look.  All stretched out and comfortable, showing off those muscles.

Newborn parents spend so much time in the Little Love’s studio during their photography session and occasionally their eyes will fall on something I have not used in a while.  Cue the baby hammock.  It was perfect for Logan and once we got him in there, he loved it.  And that scale, yup, still accurate.  Logan is weighing in just under 9 pounds.

This family was so wonderful to work with.  So much love from Mom & Dad, its just overflowing from their pictures.  You are in good hand, Logan!

Brylen {1 year} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

These two are so fun!  And their parents are a joy to work with.   Meet Brylen and big sister, Adele!  They are all the cuteness together.  Adele is such a great big sister.  She works so hard to love on her bother and make him happy.

Brylen is celebrating his first birthday at his photo session today.  And he is pleased as punch with that fact.  He loved the wobble chair.    Look at those big, sweet smiles.  Cannot believe it’s been a year since we did his newborn pictures.

Of course, we let Adele in on the action.  She loves the camera!  And she loves to talk.  So many words… so many questions… so many smiles!  It makes our time together so fun.  Check out this beautiful, smart little wonder.  And her big sister skills are on point!

Finally, the big moment.  We came to smash some cake, so here we are.  This cake smash was hysterical.  There were quite a few other people in the park that day and they all got a kick out of Brylen NOT eating that cake.  Not at all.  We tried everything.  Till finally he just left the scene.  Happy Birthday Brylen – thanks for bringing all the joy that day!

Xavia {maternity} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA


This beautiful mom could not have been more stunning at our maternity session.  I love her white gown – she was simply glowing in it.

And her husband – they were magical together.  They were so loving and full of joy.    We had a great time wandering the gardens, on what turned out to be a lovely morning, talking about their growing family.


I could not love these pictures more.  X’avia, you are just beautiful.  Wishing this family all the best!


Madison & Logan {family} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

Last week I got to meet a brand new family and they were delightful.  Meet big sister Madison and her brother Logan.

Older sister Madison was quite the character.  And she did her very best not to smile for me…. and she did it with the greatest joy.  In the end we caught a few and I got to find out all about Madison’s little life.  And we found lots of painted rocks, which may have saved us.  Love that one on the bridge.  Pouty, introspection – why must my mother make me take pictures?!!

Little brother Logan, as on the other hand, all smiles.  And when he smiled his little face lit up the world.  So much happiness and curiosity in this sweet guy.

In the heat of July, we could not have asked for a more beautiful day for our photography session.  It was cool enough to explore and have a great time.  This mamma had so much love for her littles and they were a simply beautiful family.   They were a joy to photograph and I look forward to seeing them again.

Adam {7 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh my, this sweet little gentleman.  Adam was perfection during our newborn photography session.  I mean he barely made a sound.  He is just adorable in that blue fur (we affectionately call it monster fur here at the studio, because  it is the softest thing ever and so perfect to cuddle in).

And speaking of blue – Adam embraced all the blue things.  Look at that sweet face.  He is so handsome in that bowtie.  Why are babies so cute in bowties!?!?!?

Adam came at the perfect time to use one of the new wreaths in the studio.  I love it.  And I love little Adam in it.  Just too sweet!

Adam also brought along big sister Racheal.  A few years ago, I took her newborn pictures and it has been a delight to watch her grow.  She was a little hesitant with her new brother, but still had all the love and was so patient during our session.  Love that sweet kiss.  She is going to be a great big sister.

When Rachael is here, one of her family’s favorite images was with her in the pink owl hat.  So Adam definitely had to take a turn in one.  They both wore it so well and he slept right through these sleepy owl poses.

Then he rocked this… and well, swoon.  Those sweet little cheeks and kissy lips.

BL A newborn 0320

This family is awesome!  Our newborn pictures with baby Adam could not have gone more perfectly.  It has been a joy to watch then grow over the past several years and I am excited I was able to share another milestone with them. Welcome to the world little Adam, you are so loved!

Brielle {7 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh sweet girl – meet newborn Brielle who joined me at just 7 days new for her newborn photo session.  She was so perfect.  And I love the navy floral her mom brought.  Just look at this beauty!

Brielle has two older sisters.  And they are truly a delight.    They are going to be amazing big sisters.  They were so excited to have a baby in their family and they were so gentle with her.  I love all of these.

This little lady was such a delight for her newborn pictures.  Perfect little bit of sweetness.  I love these colors, the coral and teal.  They are perfect for little Brielle.    She was quite comfortable, all stretched out.  What a joy!

Ava {9 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

My goodness, look at this little bundle of cute.  Meet 9 day old Ava.  She joined me in the studio for her newborn session at just 6 lbs.    She was just sweet as a pea.

She brought along her brother, Kai, who I had the joy of photographing when he was a baby.  They grow up so fast.  And then they get sisters!  Kai was a little unsure about his new sister, but he was still so sweet to her.

Ava’s mom has a fabulous style and brought along a bunch of super cute things to dress her little doll up in.  She looks perfect in these blues and aquas.  And totally prompted me to add more florals to the studio selection.  (Ok, lets just be honest, it doesn’t take much for me to add the the prop collection, I love new stuff in the studio!)

There she is, Miss Ava.  My goodness, she looks so tiny.  And her mom – you can see all the love.  It was so great to share these moments with this family – love seeing them grow together!