Brendan {2 years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

I love celebrating birthdays with my little clients and when this cutie came back, I thought, my goodness – another year already!  Yup, here he is, two year old Brendan!  Look how he has grown up!


Mom brought lots of fun toys…. have I mentioned I love vintage looking toy!.  I fell in love with these blocks.  And so did Brendan.  I love capturing kids doing what they love to do.

Also high on my list of little boy things are plaid rompers (I was so sad when my own kids finally grew out of them) and books.  This ‘Little Blue Truck’ look was perfect for Brendan – matches his stunning blue eyes.

And it was great to see Brendan’s family again.  He is so lucky to have so many of his grandparents close by and in his life.  They are beautiful family!


Clayton {12 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Oh what a joy to have a boy in the studio, especially one as this handsome little man.  12 day old Clayton came to visit last week and he and his family were such a joy.  And I love all the fun props they brought.  How beautiful is that blanket – gift from Clayton’s crafty grandmother.

Sweet fingers and toes!

This family had so many cute ideas.  Any guess what mom does!  Yup, she is a doctor.  And while Dad admits he is not a professional on any level, he is excited to share his passion for guitar with his new little guy.  Clayton’s mom said it perfectly – he is a proud Daddy!

So thankful little Clayton got to join me in studio.  How handsome is this child!


Sibyl’s {80th Birthday} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

Newborn on Friday to an 80th birthday party on Saturday – reminds you what a beautiful things this life is.  And what a party it was!!  I could say so much about this gathering – from all the family and friends, to the special toasts her sons’ gave, to the tables of precious memories, collections and life experiences she shared, to the lifetime of family pictures – it was all perfect.  But in the end, all I could think – I hope I have this many wonderful people around to celebrate me when I am 80.  Truly the sign of a life well lived.  Happy Birthday Sibyl!

Jayce & Wyatt {family} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

These little guys don’t realize it, but they are so lucky to have each other.  Cousins Jayce and Wyatt are just two months apart.

I have to admit, this was probably one of thee hottest and most humid sessions of the summer.  But this family stayed with me and we had a great time.  Little Jayce showed some serious Mamma Love!

And Wyatt was looking quite adorable in his rocking chair.  Seriously, could he be more cute!

It was great to meet this family as they all gathered here in Richmond.  These two are going to have a great life growing up together.


Lucy {family} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

Oh this girl – she was all personality and such a joy!

Her family has moved out of the city in the suburbs, but once upon a time they called this area of our fine city home, so it was great that we got to return for a session at Forest Hill Park.  It was a picture perfect day.


Lucy has just turned two and she has so very much to say!  She spent quite a while directing our session – “No Mommy, with Daddy”.  Girl has creative vision.  And she loves her Daddy!

And we spent a lot of time playing chase in the old stone gazebo. Fast little legs!  Sweet little smiles.

Such a beautiful family.  It was so great to spend time with them.



Daisy {6 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

My goodness, its been a busy week for little girls.  My studio is exploding with pink and purple and frills…. and as the mom of boys I love it!  I was so excited to welcome back this family.  Big sister Lucy came here for her newborn session and was a beauty.  Two years later, she is just as cute and sweet as can be.  She was an angel to her little sister.  Gentle as can be.  Those matching outfits, so precious. Hand crocheted just for theses girls.

And newborn Daisy is just as sweet.  She barely cried a bit.  Weighing in a just shy of 9 lbs.

Love these little toes.  At just 6 days, Daisy was so perfect at staying all curled up.

Showing off those beautiful eyes…. she even gave us a little smile.

It was so great to have Lucy back with her new sister Daisy.  These two are adorable!!


Kate {8 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Ok, I will be honest, this sweet thing put up a fight!  And it took a while to convince her that is was picture time.  New mom was so lucky to have her mom along for the ride, happy to change one little diaper after another.  But my goodness, when she settled down she was an angel.

Little Kate is already in training – this ones going to be a Hokie fan.  Maroon looks good on this girl.  Daddy is going to love this!

Precious little fingers and toes, little feet, little noes.  Look how long her perfect fingers are!

Kate has a travel themed room and it sounds adorable!  Her mom commented that she wished she had brought the globe.  Oh, the things that are hidden among the studio props.  She looks like she is all tucked and ready for her adventure!


Welcome to the world, little Kate!  So glad you came to visit me!

Hunter (9 months) – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

This guys is such a sweet little character.  So many smiles during our sessions.  I get to see him every three months these days and its a joy to see him grow each time.  Kids grow so fast!

Every month his Mom is photographing that football with him… and plans to continue until he is an adult.  Have I said how much I love those traditions.  I am glad to play a little part in this one.  He is going to be running around with that thing before you know it.

Hunter also got to work his John Deere look this time.  So cute!  What’s not to love about a baby in that green and yellow logo.  Expect more teeth soon…. he loved chewing on those toys!

Piper {12 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Piper’s brother has been coming to see me since he was born two years ago, so I was so excited for him to bring his brand new sister back!  These two are going to be best friends one day. But, let me be honest, at not quite two, sometimes Pintrest perfect is not on the table.  But that’s ok, sometimes just being brother and sister is cute enough and I think those moments are the most precious.

Once her brother left, Piper was a wonderful baby model.  Yup, when she yelled she had a voice on her, but once settled she was picture perfect.  Which makes for a lovely newborn session.

Not to mention she she is just beautiful.  Look at those little toes!

So excited for this growing family.  They are beautiful and it was a joy to spend time with them.




Frazier {family} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

Extended families are fun – and this one is no exception.  Each year they gather in Richmond, traveling from Ohio and Charlottesville to spend time together… and of course up date the family photo!  And that little boy… yeah, he loves his grandpa big time!