Charlie {3 months} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

Jack has been coming to see me for a few years.  Now he has his three month old brother Charlie tagging along…. and you all know how much I love watching the families in my studio grow!  These two are so precious together – Jack is showing his little brother all the love!

And this little guy!  Our photo session and all that brotherly love clearly wore him out.

This month they will leave me and Richmond for their new home in Kansas.    Jack & Charlie’s parents bravely serve in the Army and its time to move west.  We will miss them so much!

Judah {10 days}- Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

This little guy – just 10 days old.  Could he be more precious!  Judah’s brother has been coming to see me since he was one and is such a hoot.  I love having growing families come back to the studio!

And these tiny fingers and toes – oh the moments go too quickly!

Emma {family} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

I was so excited when Emma’s mom contacted me and said she wanted to do her session at a local farm.  How fun is that!  And not to mention beautiful.  The owner of this farm in Powhatan was so gracious to invite us onto his property to enjoy the views.  The family has several grandchildren themselves and every bit was set up to be a kid wonderland – from the friendly animals to the colorful garden.  And little Emma came up to task with her super cute cowboy boots.  Still not sure if she loved all the animals but they certainly loved her.  Whats not to love – she is adorable!  Emma and her family were a joy to work with.


PS –  I love goats (and alpacas and sheep for that matter).  The have crazy eyes.  Emma and this goat – too much.


Lejend {2 Years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

This little guy first came to me as a newborn and I cannot believe he is 2 already.  I think he knew how super cute he was because he seems to have a bit of a model swagger.  So awesome this kid and so many sweet moments with his Mom (who, like so many of us, seems to get left out of the family photos).  And I love that jersey – custom made by his Mom.  It says “Legendary 2014” on the front with his last name on the back.  It’s perfect.

Jackson {family session} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

What a beautiful family!  Jackson has been coming to my studio for a few years.  At this session he brought the whole family.  It’s always fun to spend time with extended family and I am honored this family choose to let me photograph that time.


Vallie {spring mini} – Children’s Photography – Richmond, VA

This sweet face!  It’s always a joy to see sweet Vallie.  And that dress – pretty in pink!  Loved all the familiar faces these Mini-Sessions bring back to see me.

Kendall & Kiera {Spring Mini} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

What a joy it was to meet these two!  After a full afternoon of Mini Sessions, it was so fun to finish out the day with this brother and sister.  So well spoken and so polite.  Oh,and super cute!

Kaylee {spring mini} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

Kaylee has been coming to see me for a few years now, so I am so happy that she will be a big sister in just a few months.  She is such a sweetheart !

And speaking of sisters… here they are.  Aren’t they just so cute together!  What a bless that they get to share this journey together.  Big changes coming for this beautiful family.    So glad I got to be part of the reparation at this year’s Minis!BL V 1708

Claire {spring-minis} – family photography, Richmond, VA

Last week’s Mini Sessions were so fun and I am so excited to start sharing them with you.   Something is in the air (besides the rain!), because last Saturday brought me three pregnant moms!  Two were sisters, which could not be more exciting!  These kiddos will be just 8 weeks apart.  I love these from Claire and her mom.  Such a beautiful woman and so much love.

PS – I love that lace maternity dress!   Seriously, maternity clothes just were not that cute when I had my boys 🙂

Ethan {1 Year} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

Ethan turned one and I got to visit with him and his sister.  It has been such a joy watching him grow from a newborn to a sweet little boy, toddling around and setting his own rules.   His sister has been coming in since she was a newborn as well – love seeing the two of them grow up together.  She takes such good care of her little brother.