Jocelyn {maternity} – Maternity Photography – Richmond, VA

This mama is due any day now, but a few weeks ago we got to spend some time together as she enjoyed her pregnancy.  She was simply stunning for our maternity pictures.  Meet Jocelyn, and her loving husband Jason.  How cute are these too?!?  And that bump – its adorable.

Our sunset maternity session was perfect at Midlo-Mines.  Such a perfect place to capture their joy.  And that kiss – I didn’t even have to ask.  But I did have to catch them, because he just kept leaning over to kiss her.   So much love and she is simply beautiful.

Jocelyn and Jason will be joining me at the studio for their newborn photographs soon.  I cannot wait to see them and meet their little girl.  They are clearly going to be amazing parents.

Lucas {8 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Some newborns are just so ready for their photography session.  That would be Lucas.  This not-so-little ten pound ball of adorable joined me at just 8 days and he was perfect.  Both my boys were almost that size and so there is part of me that loves seeing all those rolls.

This handsome little man was so good for our newborn pictures.  He barely made a peep.  Not a sound.  I love this sweet hat his mom had.  And look at those pouty little lips.  This guy is so handsome.

Baby Lucas brought with him his hesitant, but delightful, big brother.  And they did what boys do.  Big trucks!  It’s so perfect.  My boys spent hours pushing each other around in their big trucks, and I am sure these two will to.

More tricks from this mamma’s bag.  She brought the cutest stuff for Lucas’s newborn photography pictures.  She made this quilt and this picture does not do it justice.  It is beautiful.  I am sure this is just the beginning of many happy memories for this little guy.   And that smile, its adorable!

It is so great to see this family again.  Our adventurous family pictures at the park earlier this year were a blast.    Look forward to more boy adventures soon!

Kyle {6 months} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh my sweet giggles and cheeks – this happy little thing is six month old Kyle.  And what a joy he was to have in the studio.  I just love milestone sessions – its amazing how fast kids grow.

Kyle was full of smiles for his six month pictures.  It seems like just yesterday he was here for his newborn photography session.  And now he has perfected his sit and that sweet smile.

Kyle loved his toes.  I mean he loved those pudgy little footsies.  And I just loved watching him play with them.    Seriously, can you stand the cuteness.  Babies and their toes make the most adorable pictures.  What a joy to see him again!  One year is just around the corner.



Jacob {8 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Oh my goodness – newborn Jacob!  What an angel!   He was so alert when he first arrived, and so calm.  Love that we got to capture some of those bright eyes in his newborn pictures.

BL J newborn 2642

Once he fell asleep, he was an perfect!  Seriously,  look at those little baby fingers and toes.

I just love little, newborn Jacob in these mohair, white suspenders.  So cuddly.   And that smile!    This little guy was precious for our entire session.

Such sweet moments with his mom and dad.   His family was a joy.So much love! Beautiful newborn session with little Jacob.

Spring Minis {2018} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

It’s finally Spring! Sunny days, warm breezes, bright blossoms everywhere.  Yay for beautiful Spring minis and some fun new locations.   I am so excited to share with you details of the upcoming Spring Mini Sessions.

Message me now to choose your session time.   As newsletters subscribers, you are the first to receive this information.  These dates will be announced on Facebook later this week and they will not last.

Dates & Locations

Saturday, April 28th 
9:00 – noon at Libby Hill Park (Church Hill)

Sunday, April 29th
3:00 – 6:00 pm at Forest Hill Park (Southside)

Saturday, May 12th
9:00 am – noon at Brown’s Island (Downtown)


– 20 minutes session
– 5 high resolution, professionally edited
digital images, suitable for sharing and printing
– online shareable gallery
– photographer time & talent

A $50 session deposit is due to hold your session, payable by check or credit card.  I will send a payment link and location details once your time is selected.

Lucy & Lily – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

It is about time I get these two beautiful little girls on the blog.  This family photography session with Lucy and Lilly was all the pink and frill.  These two were just delightful.

At this session, we were celebrating Miss Lily’s first birthday.  She was all about that chair and showing her standing skills.  That smile – it just melts me!

Lily has an amazing big sister.  That’s Lucy.  Lucy is all about her role as big sister.  They are seriously, so cute together.

And of course, big sister Lucy had to get her pictures.  She loved it.  These girls are always an joy and I am so thankful they chose me to be their photographer and be part of their journey.  They are so beautiful.  Happy Birthday Lily!  Look forward to seeing your family again!

Brylen {6 months} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

I have known this family for a long time, so it is my joy to watch them grow and add such beautiful little wonders to their mix.    And these two certainly are adorable.  Meet six month Brylen and big sister Adele.  Man, this little guy has grown so much since I last saw him at our newborn session.    Six months is the beginning of my very favorite age in kids.  There is so much discovery and wonder at that age.  And Brylen was full of smiles and had mastered his sitting skills!

Adele has been an adoring sister from the start.  She was great at out session  Love these sweet moments.

And of course, we had to grab a few with Brylen as the star.  Would not want to miss that sweet smile.    These two are just fabulous!

Easter Mini Sessions {2018} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

My goodness, this year Easter has had a way of sneaking up me.  But so many of you have asked for these and they are always fun to do.  So once again, in the “better late than never” category, I am excited to announce that I will be doing a limited number of Easter Mini Sessions here at the studio next week.  Easter is approaching fast, so I will have all of these images turned around in 72 hours or less (well before Easter).  Details below:

Wednesday, March 21st – 10:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday, March 24th – 11:00am – 1:00p

$100 will include a 20 minutes session and 5 high-resolution, edited images.
These minis are aimed at the preschool crowd.  We will be doing KIDS ONLY.
This year’s theme will be include fun pastels and Easter decor with a vintage feel.

No, there will not be live animals, you can see my thoughts on that here.

We will keep these really simple!  Payment in full is due at time of booking.  Once you set your time, I will send along a link where you can pay for your session by credit card.

Yes, we will be doing Spring Minis, outside in the next 6 weeks.  Yay Spring!  Keep an eye out for that announcement soon!

Look forward to seeing you all this Spring!

Amauri {9 months} – Family Photography Richmond, VA

Cannot believe this year with little Amauri is almost over.  Photographing his first year milestones has been so fun and watching him grow up has been a privilege.  Many things have changed about this little guy, but still, at 9 months one thing remains the same – he is very selective with his smiles.  He makes the cutest faces, but saves his smiles for his mom’s best tricks.  Love those big brown eyes!

At our nine month milestone photography session, Amauri has mastered his sit and loves to show up his standing skills with that chair.  And we even got some smiles.  We are almost there Amauri, next time we celebrate your birthday!

Sabeer {11 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

This little boy has the sweetest family.  It was a joy to work with them during their maternity pictures and a pleasure to have them back for his newborn photography session.  And this guy.  Oh my goodness, he was just such a doll.  Weighing right at 8lbs – meet newborn Sabeer!

I just adore little Sabeer in this sleepy owl hat.  He was all snuggled into the nest.  He must have loved it too because he shared the sweetest smile.

Speaking of smiles.  Eleven day old Sabeer was all about them.  He offered up so many during his baby pictures.    I would venture to say you could even call that one a smirk.  And just look at the beautiful eyes on that child.

Little fingers, so adorable!  Newborn Sabeer was so well behaved during his pictures.

So grateful to have met this family.  Their maternity session was so full of beauty and love.  The same is true of their newborn pictures.  Sabeer is one lucky little guy!

Ben {one year} – Children’s Photography – Richmond, VA

The end of the year brought two one year old boys into the studio  – it is such a fun age!  This is one year old Ben!  And this little guys is just a bundle of happiness.

Ben was all smiles for his birthday pictures. All smiles.  Check him out in this rocker.

Little kids are funny when you put them on new things.  Their adventurous little spirits take over.  Ben had never tried out a scooter,  but he got it.  And he seemed to love it.  And I love him in this blue sweater.  Such a handsome, little man.

Ben’s mom asked for one more outfits – its orange and has dogs on it, she said.  Yup, you had me at dogs.  So here is Ben – sporting his puppy dog sweater and showing off those standing skills.

Happy Birthday Ben!  It was a pleasure and joy to meet your sweet family.  I hope you will come share your smiles with me again soon!

BL B one 0138

Elizabeth {2 months} – Children’s Photography – Richmond, VA

The sweet and lovely Elizabeth Grace joined me in studio a few weeks ago.  Her family are wonderful and kind people, so I always enjoy seeing them.  And this girl, such bit of perfection.  Sweet smiles and thoughtful glances.  One of their good friends made that sign for her – and I do believe a world changer this girl will be!

He mom wanted to get pictures of her tiny parts, because really, little fingers and toes are the cutest.  As my own kids grow older, I always hope one of the things I never forget is the feeling of their little hands in mine.  These are precious little hands!

This family is a joy to photograph!  So much peace and joy.  Look forward to seeing them and little Elizabeth again soon.