Holiday Minis – Carillon {2018}

Christmas Minis!  I know, I know, the season has come and gone and if it ever warms up and stops raining everyone will finally get those outside decorations put away.  But we had so much fun at the Christmas Minis, I see no reason not to share.  This year’s minis were a tremendous success.  We met up at an old favorite – the Carillon.  Its been under construction forever.  But its gorgeous tree lined brick paths are still beautiful as always for pictures.

First, lets have a moment with the beautiful Stella.  Her family joins me several times a year and I have grown to adores photographing this young lady.  She has all the spunk and look at those eyes.  Love her in this winter pink!FM S mini

Do you not just love those dresses!!!  This mom is always on point with her outfits and these girls love the camera.  Look at the smiles.  Bayleigh and Finley rocking their mini!

FB FB Mini

So many familiar faces to photograph at these minis.  This is Grayson and Aizley.  It has been a joy watching them grow up from little newborns.  They are all smiles and I am so glad I got to share these holiday moments with them.

FB GA Mini

Twins!  This is Flint, Annalise and Jack!  So many beautiful eyes and sweet faces.  I saw them just last season for fall minis and they were back for holiday minis – a little bigger and just as cute.  The matching plaid is awesome.  What a delight to photograph these three!


These two are always so fun – Lucia and Allie!  I recently go to do Lucia’s senior portraits and she was stunning.  Her little sister Allie never fails to make me laugh.  So much love with these two sisters.

FB LA mini

Liam and Audrey – oh my they are growing so fast!  This family is just beautiful and I love them with that holiday tricycle.

FM LA Mini

Love, love, loved these minis.    Hang on tight because we are not done rolling with the holiday season.  Crump Minis are coming next!

Hayley {cake smash} – Children’s Photography – Richmond, VA

Get ready for some pink, people, cause this girl was all over the pink! Meet one year old Hayleyh! One year ago I had the joy of doing her newborn pictures. This fall she joined me again in studio to celebrate her first birthday. And there was pink… so much pink! She has such a sweet gentle spirit about her.

After sharing some precious smiles, it was time to get down to some cake smashing business. Hayley found this to be a rather serious pursuit. She was so focused on that cake that somehow she kept that amazing gold glitter crown on for the rest of her photography session – it is usually the first thing kids rip off. Look at those inquisitive, sweet eyes likely wondering why her mom was encouraging her to touch that sticky frosting. Loved this perfectly pink birthday explosion with Hayley!

Happy One. Hayley! It’s a joy yo see how much you have grown!

Mia & Spencer {maternity} – Richmond, VA

What a wonderful maternity photography session with Mia & Spencer. They were so adorably sweet and in love, it was simply perfect and I had so much fun taking their pictures. Mia and Spencer met in the military and have recently moved to the Richmond area. So we decided to do a little sight seeing and exploring during their session. Downtown’s Brown’s Island and Canal Art Walk seemed like the perfect location.

The great thing about this area is that there is a variety of backgrounds and areas. So pretty there. And we used them all. You can’t tell with those changing leaves and tall grasses, but it was cold. Spencer was freezing, but he stayed with us and was smiles all the way.

Such a special time for this couple – preparing to wecome your firsst child into the worls is such an amazing journey. Spencer and Mia seem to be embracing every bit of it. Mia is just glowing in all these pictures. Their son, little Malachi is due in Janaury. I know he will be well loved.

Fall Minis – Tuckahoe & Deep Run {2018}

Seriously people, you all brought your fall fabulous photography A-game this year for the mini-sessions.  I am just so in love with all of pictures.  We got perfect color and great weather for our last weekend of Fall Mini and I am so excited to share!

Meet  James & Jude.  Their mom tells me they love to smile.  I totally believe her, but not for our session.  They would not crack even one for their pictures.  Super serious.  Super cute.  Love these little plaids for the fall mini sessions.

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018

Maybe it was in the air because many of my little friends were a tough crowd for their pictures.  They put this photographer to work.   Reese and Lydia also tried to hide the smiles.  Reese was actually quite adamant that she would not come near the camera.  Tree hide and seek to the rescue.  And we got the sweetest pictures.

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018

Boys are so fun – especially when they are in coordinating plaid – what’s not to love.  This family took a long trek down 95 to meet me at Deep Run and I am so glad they did.  Blake and Trevor were a blast!

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018

Clayton!  I see this little character often for his pictures.  And he is always a delight.  All giggles and smiles.    And that vest – I love it.   Always too cute Clayton!

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018

One of my youngest mini kids.  This is Wyatt and his parents – they really have all the love!  These moments are so precious.  And those eyes – beautiful baby blues.  It was so great to have them join me for fall minis!

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018

Meet big brother Flint and his twins!  What a sweet family this is.  And spoiler alert – I got to see them twice this season.    Annalise and Jack are the perfect balance to each other – a little bit of smiles, a little bit of serious.  But 100% adorable.

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018

Mini-sessions bring back so many past clients and, to my joy, lots of new ones.  Like this family, who were just a absolute pleasure to photograph.  And I am not just saying that because I got to put away my silly songs and crazy noises for 30 minutes.  Sara and Maddie are amazing young woman – patient, respectful, kind and yes, beautiful .

FB PM Mini

This family first came to see my several year’s ago when someone gave them a session as a gift.  What a gift it has been to us both.  Always love seeing this wonderful family.  Barbara and Sebastian are so fun to work with (not pictured here are the awesome umbrellas they insisted we photograph them with).  And I am so glad they brought along their pup Cody.  He has been a special part of their family for a long time and seemed to enjoy all the love he got during our mini.

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018

It all ended so perfectly.  Jackson and Piper rolled into their photography session all giggles.  They were rocking adorable and smiley before I even had the camera ready.  They were the last session, so to compliment their fantastic little personalities and joyful faces, we got amazing fall light.  Can’t get enough of these two!  Great way to end another set of amazing fall minis!

Little Loves Photography, Fall Mini Sessions 2018



Reid {family}

Oh my goodness, meet the sweet and smiley Reid!  I mean this kid was all smles.  He really took to our photography session like it was a great adventure.  Do many things to discover when your one.  And we had a blast.

Reid was so energetic.  Such a little explorer.  We definitely played a bit of chase during our session.  Love those little legs, moving just as fast as they can.

I love when it all comes together just perfectly.  Fall colors, falling light, perfect outfits and a smiling little boy.  Reid has awesome parents and they were all just so precious together.  Feeling the love here!

Braydan & Lucas {family}

Another great session with sweet brothers,  Braydan and Lucas.  They are all boy and the best of friends.   It has been such a joy to get to know this family over the past year or so.  These two boys are so much fun.    We had a most perfect fall day to head down to Forest Hill Park.    Despite that giant hill, it is one of my favorite Richmond are places to take pictures.  The tone stairs, winding paths and beautiful foliage, its is stunning in the fall.

It was the perfect place to take these two brothers – lots the space to run around.  Their mom made a trip to the attic to bring out some old favorites for these two and they were a big hit at our photography session.    They loved the dinosaurs.  And I love that wood truck.

These boys do so love their mamma.  Moms somehow rarely have enough pictures of them and their littles.  So I am so happy we grabbed these pictures.  You can tell this mom has so much fun with her boys!

Fall Minis – Forest Hill Park {2018}

It’s Fall!  Like for real, those colors have FINALLY arrived!  Love these crisp fall days!  And love Fall Minis.  In fact, this year you all loved them so much I ended up doing four sets of them.  So we are going to break this up.  Today, I bring to you the lovely families of the Forest Hill Fall Minis!  It was wonderful to welcome back so many familiar faces and a joy to meet so many new ones.

This was my first time meeting little Madison and her family.  They were awesome.  She was all smiles.  And they had their beautiful pup with them.  Where is he?  He decided to take a leap into the lake before we started.  Sneaky pup!

FB B Mini

Look at that joy on little Marian’s face.  And what’s not to smile about, she has the a fantastic big brother.  So much fun with Marian and Nicholas during our Fall Minis!

NM Mini FB

Savannah and Miles are such cuties and I always love seeing them.  Their mom called me worried she did not know what to put them in for our photography session, but let me tell you, these kids always have style that is on point.  Always adorable!  And now that Miles can walk…. always keeping me on my toes.

FB SM Mini

Meet little Riley – isn’t she precious!   That little smile is just too much.  This family was so sweet and it was a joy to photograph them. Cuteness overload!

FB R Mini.jpg

I haven’t seen this next character since his newborn photography session last year.  His mom asked if we could smash a cake during our mini to celebrate little Seth turning one.  I said, yup, lets do it!  She had the mom wisdom to put some berries on the top of the cake and he loved them. Photography win! Happy Birthday Seth – love that hair!

FM S Mini

This family has been joining me this time of year for their family pictures for 6 years.  is that possible?  And its been a joy watching these kids grow up.  Love this family moment by the lake – nothing but love here!


Little Miss Vallie -she has grown into such a beautiful and sweet little girl.    She is always lovely to photograph.   She brings all the sweetness and style.  Look at those shoes – and it was not warm.  So good to see you all at Fall Minis!

FB V mini

Mom matched the daughter, daughter matched the dog.  The blues, maroons, the frilly suede boots.  This family was so adorably coordinated.  Meet Harlow and her sweet dog Loki.  This family was amazing and if that were my dog, I would be hugging i –  like all the time – too.

FB T mini

Oh Kelina!  Love this girl.  She is so beautiful and full of personality.  Hard to believe I first met her as a newborn and now is is 6.  Six!  Where did the time go??  Always a pleasure to take pictures with her.

FB K mini

I have so loved Fall Minis this year.  But wait, there is more.  Two more days of fantastic fall pictures. Stay tuned, they are coming!  Happy Fall y’all!

Luca {9 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

I do love watching families grow.  Two years ago, I was honored to do the newborn session for little Giovanni.  A few weeks ago, he welcomed a new little brother into the world and I was delighted to have this family back.  This is Giovanni and his little brother Luca.  Let me tell you, this boy could not have been sweeter to his little brother.

Luca wanted to spend some time checking out the studio and show off those eyes.  He was so curious and alert.  I am so glad he did, those eyes are beautiful.

He finally gave in to sleep and we got to spend lots of precious moments together.  Bowties are always adorable on our newborn boy crowd.  And they always look so big.  Luca will grow out of it soon.  But for now, sweet yawny faces and restful sleep in that stunning blue blanket his mamma made him.

It’s fall, so we had to do it.  Bringing in the spirit of changing leaves and the harvest for this autumn baby.  These colors look divine on little Luca.

Little hands, little feet.  Newborn Luca was so perfect for his pictures.   Love him in these soft grays and whites.  What a joy to see this family again!



Holiday Mini Sessions {2018}

Well I must admit, over the last several weeks I have simply had the hardest time committing to locations for these minis.  I wanted to make them something special for you all.  In the meantime, so many of you have been asking and I could not appreciate your excitement more.  After much deliberation, I have finally decided on the perfect locations for 2018.  We are going to do some old familiar locations, with some new ideas. These minis will not be background heavy, but will instead focus on beautiful light and locations with lots of fun props to bring in the holiday wonder.  Think fuzzy blankets, vintage tricycles, wreaths, wrapped gifts – fun little pops to bring in as much or as little holiday cheer to go with your families personality.  Can’t wait to do these with all of you!


Dates & Locations

Sunday November 25th –  BOOKED – THANK YOU!

1:00 – 4:00pm at Carillon (Fan)

Saturday, December 1stBOOKED – THANK YOU!

9:00am – 12:00pm at Midlo-Mines (Southside)

Sunday, December 2nd

1:00 – 4:00 at Crump Park (West End)

Friday December 7th – Saturday December 8th

Limited morning INDOOR session at the Little Loves Studio (far West End)



  •  $100
  • 20 minutes session
  • 5 high resolution, professionally edited digital images, suitable for sharing and printing
  • 5 day guaranteed turn-around
  • online shareable gallery
  • photographer time & talent

Message Little Loves now to choose your session time.   A $50 session deposit is due to hold your session, payable online by credit card.  I will send a payment link and location details once your time is selected.

These holiday minis will be so fun and I look forward to working with each of your families!

Thank you for your continued business and support!!

Meera & Reeva {1 year} – Children & Family Photography- Richmond, VA

This family is so sweet and I enjoy always working with them.  Meet one year old twins, Meera and Reeva, and their parents.  I first met them a year ago when they brought these twins in for their newborn session.  Oh my, how they have grown!

These two are best of friends.  Each with their own little personality.  They were all giggles on that chair.  I love the red dresses their mom chose for their picture.  And those brown eyes are just beautiful!

Then came the cake smash.  And this will be one for the ages.  You never really know how kids are going to react when having a cake, or in this case, CAKES, placed in front of them.   And at first, these two were as sweet as sugar with their cakes.  I love all the pinks and frill.

But soon there was cake flying everywhere.  EVER-Y-WHERE!  It was amazing to watch.  A little less amazing to clean up, but totally worth it.  Happy Birthday Meera & Reeva!