Madison & Logan {family} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

Last week I got to meet a brand new family and they were delightful.  Meet big sister Madison and her brother Logan.

Older sister Madison was quite the character.  And she did her very best not to smile for me…. and she did it with the greatest joy.  In the end we caught a few and I got to find out all about Madison’s little life.  And we found lots of painted rocks, which may have saved us.  Love that one on the bridge.  Pouty, introspection – why must my mother make me take pictures?!!

Little brother Logan, as on the other hand, all smiles.  And when he smiled his little face lit up the world.  So much happiness and curiosity in this sweet guy.

In the heat of July, we could not have asked for a more beautiful day for our photography session.  It was cool enough to explore and have a great time.  This mamma had so much love for her littles and they were a simply beautiful family.   They were a joy to photograph and I look forward to seeing them again.

Adam {7 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh my, this sweet little gentleman.  Adam was perfection during our newborn photography session.  I mean he barely made a sound.  He is just adorable in that blue fur (we affectionately call it monster fur here at the studio, because  it is the softest thing ever and so perfect to cuddle in).

And speaking of blue – Adam embraced all the blue things.  Look at that sweet face.  He is so handsome in that bowtie.  Why are babies so cute in bowties!?!?!?

Adam came at the perfect time to use one of the new wreaths in the studio.  I love it.  And I love little Adam in it.  Just too sweet!

Adam also brought along big sister Racheal.  A few years ago, I took her newborn pictures and it has been a delight to watch her grow.  She was a little hesitant with her new brother, but still had all the love and was so patient during our session.  Love that sweet kiss.  She is going to be a great big sister.

When Rachael is here, one of her family’s favorite images was with her in the pink owl hat.  So Adam definitely had to take a turn in one.  They both wore it so well and he slept right through these sleepy owl poses.

Then he rocked this… and well, swoon.  Those sweet little cheeks and kissy lips.

BL A newborn 0320

This family is awesome!  Our newborn pictures with baby Adam could not have gone more perfectly.  It has been a joy to watch then grow over the past several years and I am excited I was able to share another milestone with them. Welcome to the world little Adam, you are so loved!

Brielle {7 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh sweet girl – meet newborn Brielle who joined me at just 7 days new for her newborn photo session.  She was so perfect.  And I love the navy floral her mom brought.  Just look at this beauty!

Brielle has two older sisters.  And they are truly a delight.    They are going to be amazing big sisters.  They were so excited to have a baby in their family and they were so gentle with her.  I love all of these.

This little lady was such a delight for her newborn pictures.  Perfect little bit of sweetness.  I love these colors, the coral and teal.  They are perfect for little Brielle.    She was quite comfortable, all stretched out.  What a joy!

Ava {9 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

My goodness, look at this little bundle of cute.  Meet 9 day old Ava.  She joined me in the studio for her newborn session at just 6 lbs.    She was just sweet as a pea.

She brought along her brother, Kai, who I had the joy of photographing when he was a baby.  They grow up so fast.  And then they get sisters!  Kai was a little unsure about his new sister, but he was still so sweet to her.

Ava’s mom has a fabulous style and brought along a bunch of super cute things to dress her little doll up in.  She looks perfect in these blues and aquas.  And totally prompted me to add more florals to the studio selection.  (Ok, lets just be honest, it doesn’t take much for me to add the the prop collection, I love new stuff in the studio!)

There she is, Miss Ava.  My goodness, she looks so tiny.  And her mom – you can see all the love.  It was so great to share these moments with this family – love seeing them grow together!


Brendan & Connor {1 Year} – Children’s Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh my these two!  I get to have an adventure with these two growing boys (and their family) every few months and it is always such a blast.  This time we were gathering to celebrate little Connor’s first birthday.  But first, here are Brendan and Connor, sharing all their sweet smiles, precious energy and hugs.  So many hugs – maybe its love, maybe is a tackle, sometimes with boys its hard to tell.

Then we took the time to grab some family shots.  I love that this family always wants to get mom and dad in the mix.  They are such a beautiful family.

Then there was cake!  BIRTHDAY CAKE!  Connor was so funny about this cake.  It was so fun to watch him explore it.  At the end Brendan jumped in to help.  Connor may not have been so sure what to do with that pile of cake and icing, but Brendan knew.  It was perfection – Happy Birthday Connor!



Aizley {5 days new} – Newborn Photography, Richmond, VA

Baby Aizley could not have been more perfect for her newborn photography session.  She decided to join her family two weeks early and then came to see me at just 5 days old.  And in her age and wisdom, she was the prefect baby model.  Calm and peaceful for our entire newborn session.

She also brought her less calm, but equally adorable, big brother Grayson.  Grayson came to me just a few years ago for newborn pictures too.  Now he is all grown up and ready to be a big brother.  And he is great at it.  They were precious together.

Aizley brought along this precious mermaid costume.  Yup, her mom loves the bright colors.  And I love that coral starfish.  And those sweet kissy lips.

Her brother had a similar blanket as his session.  Oh and there he is!  Look how little he was.    They were both so cute as newborns.  And I love these sweet blankets.

So many peaceful moments with Aizley.  She really was a doll.    It has been so amazing to grow with this family.   They are wonderful people… and they make super cute kids.






Vivian {11 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

The boy streak has been broken!  There has not been a little girl in the studio for newborn pictures in soooo long.  So many adorable bows going unused.  So I was so excited to see this family again, and welcome this beautiful baby girl into the studio.  Meet 11 day old Baby Vivian!

At eleven days old, Vivian was all the snuggles at our newborn photography session.  Love this mint blanket her mom brought with her.  Such a lovely color and perfect for sweet Vivian.  Look at those little fingers.

Mom and dad moments are so important.  It all happens so fast.  Babies grow so quickly, so I love capturing these pictures with the newborns that visit Little Loves.  That sweet, tiny face  – so perfect!  So loved.

Our maternity session was so fun, so I knew our newborn pictures would be the same.  All the difference a few weeks cam make in the world.  So great to work with this family.  Welcome little Vivian – look forward to watching you grow for years to come!

FB Viv Newborn.jpg

Luke & Alena {family} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

Luke and Alena have been coming to visit Little Loves for quite a while now and they are truly a joy to photograph.  They are all smiles and sweetness and just so cute together.   Are you seeing all this love?!?!  It just goes on and on.  They are adorable.

Big brother Luke is all smiles.  He is sweet and protective of his sister.   And all about the pictures.

Alena was a bit less sure of me at first.  It was a bit more of a game with her.  But by the end she as all hugs.  What a precious little girl!  Always enjoy my time with this family.  So glad to have then brighten my Spring!




Chambers & Coen {family} – Family Photography – Richmond, VA

What a super fun session, a little hot, but so much fun.  This cute and smiley little guy is Coen.  Love those chubby little legs.

And this is his sweet, inquisitive brother Chambers. This kid had so much to say and it was all delightful. We were fortunate enough to be at the Farm for their family photography session while the sheep were out.  So Chambers got to make a new friend.

And this is brothers Coen and Chambers together.  Let’s be honest, getting pictures of these two brothers together…. it was a bit like herding sheep.

BL CC family 6891

This family was so fun.  Lots of laughs, some silliness and some giggles. I love how all these family photographs came out.  They are perfect together.

Amauri {1 year} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

Oh my goodness, photographing this kid is such a hoot.  Probably because his mom does all the crazy behind me to get him to smile.  Actually, I cannot see her, so I don’t know what she is doing.  But whatever it is, this kid…. the smiles are hard to come be.    But still, he is adorable.   And check him out showing off those standing skills during our birthday photography session.

He has worn that same bow-tie for all his sessions since his newborn session.  The big green bow-tie is not so big anymore.


To finish off our awesome year together, there was cake.  Oh my, this cake.   Amauri likes to be very serious with me.  And his pursuit of this cake was just the same.  He seriously loved it.    He was all about this cake.    Happy Birthday Amauri – I am so honored to have shared this first year in pictures with you!