Easter Mini Sessions {2018}

My goodness, this year Easter has had a way of sneaking up me.  But so many of you have asked for these and they are always fun to do.  So once again, in the “better late than never” category, I am excited to announce that I will be doing a limited number of Easter Mini Sessions here at the studio next week.  Easter is approaching fast, so I will have all of these images turned around in 72 hours or less (well before Easter).  Details below:

Wednesday, March 21st – 10:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday, March 24th – 11:00am – 1:00p

$100 will include a 20 minutes session and 5 high-resolution, edited images.
These minis are aimed at the preschool crowd.  We will be doing KIDS ONLY.
This year’s theme will be include fun pastels and Easter decor with a vintage feel.

No, there will not be live animals, you can see my thoughts on that here.

We will keep these really simple!  Payment in full is due at time of booking.  Once you set your time, I will send along a link where you can pay for your session by credit card.

Yes, we will be doing Spring Minis, outside in the next 6 weeks.  Yay Spring!  Keep an eye out for that announcement soon!

Look forward to seeing you all this Spring!

2017 Holiday Card Collection

Sending and receiving cards during the holiday season is one of my favorite things to do, so I am excited to be able to offer them at Little Loves Photography this year. I have worked with a professional printer to source stunning designs, quality paper and beautiful printing. These cards will not disappoint!

This year eight designs have been carefully chosen for the 2017 Holiday Card Collection that complement our mini-sessions and the holiday season.  Each card has fully customizable text and is available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes.  You can see the themes below.

Holiday card packages start at just $35.  All packages include custom design, full color front and back on your choice of high quality paper, plain envelopes and FREE FedEx Ground Shipping.

Card PricingIf you are interested in creating stunning holiday cards that your family and friends will love, contact me and I will help complete your design and order them for you.   I look forward to working with you to spread holiday cheer this season!

Payments will be accepted by check or credit card. Payment will be due after proof completion and before they are sent to press.  Print turnaround is 3 business days.  Prices are effective through December 31, 2017.

Holiday Mini Session {2017}

Oh my goodness, am I excited to be sharing these with you!!!  I have spent all year looking for new amazing places (and stocking up on all the accessories to match) and now I am over the moon to be sharing them with you.

Holiday Mini-Sessions will continue to be just $100.  Each mini session will be 20 minutes long and include 6 high-resolution, professionally edited images in a sharable gallery.  All images will have a 5 day or less turnaround and Little Love’s will be offering Christmas Card packages.

This year there will be FOUR Holiday Mini Session dates available.

Sunday, November 26th @ Tuckahoe Plantation

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Saturday, December 2nd @ Little Loves Studio

9:00am – 12:00

Sunday, December 3rd @ Hope Tree Farm

9:00am – 12:00pm

Wednesday December 6th @ Little Loves Studio

9:00am – 12:00pm

See below for a bit about each location.

Because these sessions will book out pretty quickly, a $50 deposit is required to secure your session.  Once we decide on a time, you will receive a message with further details.


Tuckahoe Plantation – 12601 River Road, Richmond, VA 23238

If you have never been, this historic, river front estate is worth the visit. It is the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson.  They have amazing gardens and historic structures which will make a beautiful location.  Tuckahoe is located just 5 minutes east of my studio on River Road, so its easy to find.  You will enjoy river vistas and tree lined streets at Tuckahoe.


Hope Tree Farm – 2016 Cartersville Road, Cartersville, Virginia 23027

Hope Tree Farm is located about 45 minutes west of Short Pump.  Yup, its out there, I know.  But trust me, its worth it!  Our family went out to cut down our own Christmas tree last year and it was amazing.  It has all the makings for a picture perfect location – the idyllic red barn, a wood and rope swing and of course, Christmas Tree!   Hope Tree Farm has given us a Sunday morning spot so we will mostly have the Farm to ourselves, allowing lots of opportunities to capture some precious moments.  They also graciously serve cocoa and cookies to their guests.  While you are there, take a moment and grab your own tree and create some fun family memories.


Little Loves Studio – Richmond, VA 23238

Well you guys all know what there, right?!?!  This year I will have two different INSIDE areas set up for pictures and they will be released before the big day arrives. I highly recommend a studio session for the one and under crowd.  It will be warm no matter what and has plenty of extra props for the younger crowd.

Easter Mini-Sessions {Mini-Sessions, Richmond, VA}

Exciting news fans! 

Easter Minis are happening this year!  Such a beautiful season to celebrate and I know so many of your cuties will be doing it in adorable dresses and little bow-ties.

So let’s get together and take some pictures!  I will be doing a VERY LIMITED set of Easter Mini Sessions.  These sessions will all be indoor at my studio.

I am working on the props for TWO all new Easter themed set-ups.  Think tulips, pastels and Easter eggs!  Here is the first, fun and bright pastels, complete with Easter baskets and eggs.

As I finish the second themed set up, those images will be shared on Facebook soon.  Think vintage florals.

These are designed with our smaller clients in mind and are not suitable for adults or pets.  Don’t worry, if you are looking for those, I will be setting up outdoor Spring Minis as soon as our RVA weather gets its head on straight.

Easter Mini Details

Saturday, April 1st – 9:00 – 11:00am  / Sunday, April 2nd – 2:00 – 4:00pm

  • 20 minute session.
  • 2 pre-set indoor, studio set-ups to choose.
  • 6 high-resolution, fully edited images.
  • $75, with $30 deposit due at booking.
  • Guaranteed turnaround by April 7th.

Last, I want to mention that these minis WILL NOT include live animals – chicks, bunnies etc.  I have thought a lot about this and done significant research.  Ultimately, I do not feel it is in the best interest of your kids or the animals.  I have added a detailed discussion on this to my blog, you can find it here for more information.

Look forward to seeing you in the studio!  Call or message me know to book your session!


Will there be bunnies? How about chicks?

Hey Fans, I get asked every year, so I am sharing this now.  More specifically I am going to share with you the wise, well-researched and thoughtful words of a fellow photographer from South Carolina.

Why no live animal at Little Loves?  The short version, it’s unhealthy to the animals, it could be dangerous to your child and it requires a significant amount of permitting.

The long answer is below.  It has been copied verbatim, with permission, from S.C. photographer, Southern Belle Studios, who did a wonderful job laying out this information.  You can also see the original link on Southern Belle Studio’s website.

PS – As she mentions below, yes, we always welcome the family pet!


Yep!  It’s that time of year again!  EASTER!  And, along with this holiday every year comes the question, “Will you have live bunnies?”  I can hear the exasperation in the parent’s voices when I have to tell them no, but there is a reason.  Actually, here are 12 REASONS why I do not offer this service:

  1. The use of a live animals (mammals) in photography requires a license from the federal government’s USDA. See compliance under Licensing and Registration Under the Animal Welfare Act. Different states may have different licensing and inspection requirements as well, however, even if it is just one animal, a license from the USDA is required, regardless of State requirements.
  1. A part of the permitting and licensing process includes an inspection by the federal government’s USDA offices. This is mandatory, even if your state does not require a license or permit. The inspectors may also be required to be present during the photo session. If any animal is hurt, injured or killed, the fines are serious and they can ban the photographer from actively doing business permanently.
  1. Animals are often brutalized by pulling, choking, squishing, yanking and being sat upon by little clients. This is obviously no fun for the little animal.
  1. Rabbits are delicate animals whose spines can snap just from being held improperly and their legs and ears can be broken or severely damaged without much effort at all. Although fowl (chicks, ducks, geese, etc) are not regulated, keep in mind the legs and wings of chicks can easily be pulled off and broken by a child who does not know how careful to be. Some rabbits become so stressed they will die of heart failure right on the spot. Having an animal injured or dying during the session does not produce the best childhood expressions to capture.
  1. Animals often panic when handled by children; a frightened rabbit or chick can bite and scratch, causing lacerations, deep scratches and puncture wounds to your clients children. These can lead to infections, skin rashes and other diseases.
  1. Bunnies and chicks can carry diseases such as Salmonella which can be devastating to small children. Here is a link for signs and symptoms of Salmonella.
  1. Tularemia or “rabbit fever” is even more dangerous. Check the link for signs and symptoms of Tularemia.
  1. PETA actively engages in looking for these activities during the year, especially on Facebook. They have successfully (and rightfully) lobbied the largest photography studios like Sears, JCPenney and Olan Mills to stop the use of live animals. PETA is on the look out for photographers who post questionable images and will call, check licensing and file complaints against the photographer. It’s as simple as calling the USDA and asking if a photographer is licensed. Individuals can also report animal cruelty on PETA’s website. Whether it’s relating to photography sessions or not. No animal deserves be to abused, neglected or mistreated, even if accidentally.
  1. PPA, Professional Photographers of America, the largest association of photographers in the world, takes the stance that animals must be treated ethically and according to law. The industry widely does not accept the use of animals and is considered rather non-professional as a photographer. (Please note there are many photographers who appropriately use and photograph animals.  I am specifically discussing the inappropriate, unlicensed use of animals for Easter portraiture here).
  1. You can be sued for injuries, infections and damages that occur to anyone in the session. Don’t forget some people may have allergies or asthma, too! Animals can be triggers for serious allergy and asthma attacks, including anaphylaxis, which can cause death.  I personally have to carry life saving Epi Pens and so does one of my children.  It’s not a fun experience.
  1. The shoot can become quite haphazard if your little clients are chasing bunnies and chicks. That means you are chasing your client. This, along with the frustration of the child because the animal is not cooperating, the frustration of the parents because the child is not cooperating and the frustration of the photographer because NO ONE is cooperating is not conducive to the best shots ever. Plus, editing out scratches on the face and body parts of your client is an added workload.
  1. Feces! Animals can leave droppings everywhere.  On your little clients, on their new Easter clothing and on your backdrops and props.  EWWW!

Often, you will see photographers in parks around Easter, using “live” animals as part of their sessions or appointments.  Family pets may be incorporated into photographic sessions without a license. But, the pet owner must be the person/people being photographed. There must be an established pet ownership relationship. For example: The photographer may not sell a pet to the client for the length of the session and then have the client sell the animal back. It must TRULY be the pet of the client.  They can not be rented animals, either.  Also, simply completing a setup in which the animals are not handled is not in compliance either. A license is required even without anyone handling the animal.

Please report any animal abuse to your local authorities, local humane society, PETA (report to PETA link), your State Department’s of Agriculture or the USDA. Each locality and state will have different ways of dealing with this. Usually a pretty hefty fine, often in the thousands, and jail time if the abuse is repeated or severe. The USDA can be reached at 919.855.7100 and complaints can be filed at aceast@aphis.usda.gov.

To see if your photographer is licensed according to the Animal Welfare Act, you can go to the USDA – APHIS databank.

While there are legal and health related issues for not using live animals, in general trying to capture the images of so many activities is time consuming and difficult, when it doesn’t have to be.  There are plenty of very real looking props that can be purchased if you would like to incorporate an animal look into Easter sessions.


Thanks for understanding!

Holiday Minis! – Mini-Session, Richmond, VA

It’s that time of year!  November managed to sneak by me this year but with only SIX weeks till Christmas it is the time for Mini’s.  These Holiday Mini- Sessions will be the last of the year and I am so excited about them.

NEW this year – THREE brand new Holiday themed setups. Each carefully crafted to fit your family’s size and style.

Here’s the scoop!

** $100 / 20 minutes at the studio
** 6 high-resolution, professionally edited images
** Three distinct holiday themed setups – two indoor, one outdoor (and heated!)
** Guaranteed 5 day turnaround on images


** Sunday November 27th @ 1:00 – 4:00
** Saturday, December 3rd @ 9:00 – 12:00
** JUST ADDED:  Saturday December 10th @ 9:00 – 11:00

Get all your Holiday Card photos and gifts in one quick session.   During your 20 minute Mini-Session you and your family are welcome to use up to 2 of the setups with one outfit change.

$50 Deposit due to confirm your booking.

Contact Little Loves Photography to book your session.
804-564-3151  / LittleLovesRVA@gmail.com

Vintage Christmas

This heated outdoor setup celebrates Christmas in the traditional fashion – red, greens and tons of foliage.  Lots of fun, vintage props will fill this one up, including a vintage Victorian couch, fire chief’s car, Radio Flyer wagon and more.  Perfect for families and kids!


Winter Wonderland

Snowflakes, snowflakes everywhere!  Great for young children and babies.


All that Glitters

Perfect for small children and even babies.  Bronze and gold metallic set off this holiday Mini setup.



There was a waiting list when these minis were announced so I suspect these will fill up quickly.  A third day has been announced. If you are interested in learning more and booking your session time, please contact Little Loves Photography today.
804-564-3151  / LittleLovesRVA@gmail.com

Happy Holidays,friends!  Look forward to seeing you all this season and sharing a bit of the season’s joy with you!