Easter Mini Sessions {2018}

My goodness, this year Easter has had a way of sneaking up me.  But so many of you have asked for these and they are always fun to do.  So once again, in the “better late than never” category, I am excited to announce that I will be doing a limited number of Easter Mini Sessions here at the studio next week.  Easter is approaching fast, so I will have all of these images turned around in 72 hours or less (well before Easter).  Details below:

Wednesday, March 21st – 10:00am – 2:00pm
Saturday, March 24th – 11:00am – 1:00p

$100 will include a 20 minutes session and 5 high-resolution, edited images.
These minis are aimed at the preschool crowd.  We will be doing KIDS ONLY.
This year’s theme will be include fun pastels and Easter decor with a vintage feel.

No, there will not be live animals, you can see my thoughts on that here.

We will keep these really simple!  Payment in full is due at time of booking.  Once you set your time, I will send along a link where you can pay for your session by credit card.

Yes, we will be doing Spring Minis, outside in the next 6 weeks.  Yay Spring!  Keep an eye out for that announcement soon!

Look forward to seeing you all this Spring!

Holiday Minis 2017

Oh my goodness, these may just be the best Holiday minis yet.   This year, I was fortunate enough to find two amazing locations and of course, be joined by over a dozen awesome families.

We had such great start our Mini Sessions at Tuckahoe Plantation – the weather here in Richmond was really agreeing with us.  And I was excited to have these two sweet faces back with me to start off our sessions.  Jaelle & Jiselle are all smiles and so much fun to photograph.

These girls crack me up!  Emma and Lexi were allowed to pick their own outfits for their mini-session.  And look at all that sparkle!  Yes, those are silver glitter boots and a furry shawl.  Beautiful girls, just beautiful!

One of the best part of mini-sessions is all the new families I get to meet.  This is sweet Stella and her parents.  They were all such a joy to work with.  And her smile, its just radiant!

Ah, the sweet and sassy Victoria!  Last time I saw here was with her puppy and they were so cute together.  This time it was all her, and her awesome parents of course.

I love when adults sneak into my minis.  It’s the 20 minutes I get to talk in a regular voice instead of my – smile at me – photographer voice.  Abbey and Noah were a blast to work with.  And they may just have scored themselves some perfect light for this maternity mini.  Stunning!

Then came this bundle of energy – Joshua, Ethan and Zachary – who brought along their newest addition, baby sister Rose.   Isn’t she adorable – and well loved.   They are such a great family!

We closed our day at Tuckahoe Plantation with this character.  This is Noah and this photography session was all about him.  Many kids this age like to stick close to their parents, but nope, not Noah.  He was doing his own thing and it was awesome.

Before heading back out to my next set of Holiday Minis, I got to sneak in a few at the Little Love’s studio.    Sweet Rachael all decked out for Christmas.  She was as cute and as curious as she could be.  And I just love that red hair and fabulous dress.

Studio minis also brought in these two.  We had just spent some time together at the Fall Mini Sessions, so I was excited to have them back for the Holidays.  Savannah and Miles are adorable.  So many smiles!  And her dress – it had glitter and pink double decker buses – I loved it!

Holiday Minis continued at Hope Tree Farm.  Rhett and Kelso are dear friends of our family, so it is always fun to see this crew all dressed up.  They are a seriously cute family.

I get to see this family quite a bit to at our sessions.  And I am so thankful to be their photographer because these girl’s are adorable.    Are you catching those fancy boots and red snowflake inspired winter leggings??   All smiles from Bayliegh and Finley!

Oh its Clayton!  He was in over the summer for his 1 year cake smash and this kid just keeps getting cuter.  Love those matching jackets.

Carson and Caybrie are back after our fantastic session in the Spring.  These two are such a pleasure to photograph.   Big smiles all around.  And I love these colors – they are so perfectly bright. And the plaid – adorable!

So many of my families return year after year.  And some years their kids show up and they seem to have just grown up in an instant.  Such is true for twins Vivienne and Everett. They have been coming to see me since their newborn session. And now, oh my goodness, look at them!

We ended out our holiday minis with this great family.  And I say it every time – these two remind me so much of my own boys.  Right down to that hoodie sweathshirt.  Grant and Avery are wonderful young men and it was so great to close this year out with their family.

As always, my thanks to everyone that joined us for the 2017 Holiday Mini Sessions.  You all truly make my photographer life better and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Fall Minis {2017}

I guess it’s time to officially close out the autumn season as we usher in the Holiday season at full steam.  This year’s fall mini’s were an absolute blast.  One small blip when I had to reschedule an entire set of minis, from the Charlotte airport as a complete rain out moved in. But other than that, they were perfect!

This is high school senior Valerie.  She has big plans and aspirations.  I loved her sweet spirit and creative mind.  Such a joy to throw in some Senior portraits during my mini sessions.


I love that Lio joins me for so many of my mini sessions, because he always brings the smiles.  And the sweetest looks.  And that fashion sense is always spot on.


Four month Kabir!  He was perfectly dressed in a pumpkin sweater – I wish you could see the pumpkin hat that went with it.  Took cute.  And we caught a few smiles.  He is growing up so fast.


Miss Layla with the sassy boots!  I always have a great time with her and her family.  She is such a cutie.


Crump Park also brought the handsome, young Greyson and his whole family (who you will see in a moment).  Look at those big, bright eyes.  And that tree, can we pause for a moment and check out that tree, which was simply magnificent during our minis.


Greyson’s family – aka the Cousin Crew – Finley, Bayleigh and Chase.  These four cousins were quite the crew indeed.  Keeping them all in the same picture took a bit of effort, but we got them.  And it could not be any more wonderful!!


What a joy to meet this family.  Big sisters Mirada and Kaylee, and their little brother Cayden.  They were so loving to him, it was adorable.   And he was all smiles.


Two two boys just keep getting more and more handsome everytime I see them.  I am not even sure how Fisher or Judah got this old.  But it was great to see their family.     And I love how those colors – navy, forest, plum and mustard – turned out.


He is like a little model.  And his own stylist.  You are bringing all the cute Kaison and I love that sweater.


What a joy it is to work with such lovely young adults.  They are always a wonderful pause to the normal high-pitched craziness that goes on behind the camera (sorry, parents!).    And these two were no exception.  They are delightful young people and I am so happy their family got to join us.  David and Eliza at the Fall Minis!!


These three are a hoot – Ruby, Maggie and Jesse.  They have two brother two, but this time it was just the girls.  Just these three crazy, sweet, funny little girls.  Always a blast to see this crew.


And last Savannah and her bother Miles!  How precious are they together.  And the perfect way to end these amazing Fall Minis.


Always so thankful for all the families that join me at our mini-sessions.  They are the best!

Holiday Mini Session {2017}

Oh my goodness, am I excited to be sharing these with you!!!  I have spent all year looking for new amazing places (and stocking up on all the accessories to match) and now I am over the moon to be sharing them with you.

Holiday Mini-Sessions will continue to be just $100.  Each mini session will be 20 minutes long and include 6 high-resolution, professionally edited images in a sharable gallery.  All images will have a 5 day or less turnaround and Little Love’s will be offering Christmas Card packages.

This year there will be FOUR Holiday Mini Session dates available.

Sunday, November 26th @ Tuckahoe Plantation

1:00pm – 5:00pm

Saturday, December 2nd @ Little Loves Studio

9:00am – 12:00

Sunday, December 3rd @ Hope Tree Farm

9:00am – 12:00pm

Wednesday December 6th @ Little Loves Studio

9:00am – 12:00pm

See below for a bit about each location.

Because these sessions will book out pretty quickly, a $50 deposit is required to secure your session.  Once we decide on a time, you will receive a message with further details.


Tuckahoe Plantation – 12601 River Road, Richmond, VA 23238

If you have never been, this historic, river front estate is worth the visit. It is the boyhood home of Thomas Jefferson.  They have amazing gardens and historic structures which will make a beautiful location.  Tuckahoe is located just 5 minutes east of my studio on River Road, so its easy to find.  You will enjoy river vistas and tree lined streets at Tuckahoe.


Hope Tree Farm – 2016 Cartersville Road, Cartersville, Virginia 23027

Hope Tree Farm is located about 45 minutes west of Short Pump.  Yup, its out there, I know.  But trust me, its worth it!  Our family went out to cut down our own Christmas tree last year and it was amazing.  It has all the makings for a picture perfect location – the idyllic red barn, a wood and rope swing and of course, Christmas Tree!   Hope Tree Farm has given us a Sunday morning spot so we will mostly have the Farm to ourselves, allowing lots of opportunities to capture some precious moments.  They also graciously serve cocoa and cookies to their guests.  While you are there, take a moment and grab your own tree and create some fun family memories.


Little Loves Studio – Richmond, VA 23238

Well you guys all know what there, right?!?!  This year I will have two different INSIDE areas set up for pictures and they will be released before the big day arrives. I highly recommend a studio session for the one and under crowd.  It will be warm no matter what and has plenty of extra props for the younger crowd.

JDRF Mini {2017}

Thank you to everyone that joined us this year at the JDRF Minis.  They were a huge success!  Because of your participation, Little Loves Photography will be donating $600 to the JDRF!

This year I was excited to have a bunch of beautiful families join me at two locations – Monument Ave and the Carillon.  It was so wonderful to see so many familiar faces and meet some new ones.

I always love starting my Minis with some familiar faces.  And these are some of my favorites.  I always enjoy seeing this family.  Barbara and Sebastian are adorable.  They get it from their parents.


These big brown eyes were at my studio for a a newborn session just a few months ago.  This is Vihaan and oh my, how he has grown. We got to spent a bit of time with his family, who are here visiting him.  They were all so precious together.


I always love my sessions with this sweet girl, she has been coming to see me since shortly after she was born.  This is 5 year old, fresh off to Kindergarten Kelina.   She has a smile that glows and beautiful brown eyes.  You are growing up just amazing, little girl!


This is my first time meeting this family and I am so happy to introduce these two little miracles to you.  Meet Carson & Caybrie!  How cute are they!  This is such a special family – last year they served as the March of Dines Ambassador family.  Love people doing good work for important causes.


This is Carter and Zach.  They are the same age as my boys and that always makes the seession a little more fun.  They were great to work with and so handsome.    And those parents – they are celebrating an engagement.  Aren’t they sweet!!


Photography Olivia has always been a joy.  She is an absolute beauty and loves the camera.  She is all smiles and twirls.  And now she has a sister. Meet Quinn!  Who is filled with bright eyed curiosity for this world.  Adorable!


I get such a kick out of these girls every year!  Lucia and Allie always roll up with big smiles and fun ideas.    And among all their fun picture ideas was this… let’s do black and white!  So we did.    It was the perfect compliment to their very smart outfit choices – inverse stars.  And I love it!


More new faces with Madeline & Carter!  These kids were great.  Little boys in button up shirts always make me happy and Madeline is such a beauty – look at that sweet smile!


My greatest to all the families that joined us for the JDRF Mini-Sessions.  Our family is so thankful for all of you who help us to support this cause!




Spring & Easter Minis {2017}

Its been a busy Spring!  Thank you all for that.  The season kind of flew by and I was so happy to fit in a few flash minis!

Easter Sessions turned out super cute!  Remember that bench my husband helped me build – it was all the photographic perfection I had hoped for.  These little munchkins loved it.

Miss Savannah brought her brand new brother Miles.  These two are just beautiful.  Savannah is such a doll!  It was so fun to see her romp around with those boots and that hat.  There was so much sweetness when you put the two of them together… and those eyes!   Thank for bringing back your new addition, Savannah!


This is two year old Grayson!  What a treat he was at our mini-session.  All smiles and such a sweet heart!  It as a joy to have that little smile in my studio.  It was so great to meet his family.


Then there was 10 month old Matteo… with his bowtie…. and those suspenders.  I can’t even stand the adorableness.  And he loved those bunnies.  Side note:  the reaction I got from this mom was one of the best I have ever gotten.  It made me laugh.  Look forward to seeing them again soon.


And our Spring minis were a blast.  Richmond’s crazy Spring storms gave us a bit of a challenge that afternoon.  Those clouds were chasing us and we were so fortunate to have bridge to hang out under (its one of my favorite places in all of RVA to take pictures!). We even got a few rain drops, but cloudy skies make for great light and I have wonderful and patient clients, so it all turned out perfectly!

I first met Kaison at my Christmas Minis.  And he had all the swagger back then.  ALL. THE. SWAGGER.  He came back just as cute.  He even picked those red pants himself…. whaat??  I can’t get my kids out of running pants.  This kid has the sweetest smile and loves the camera.  So great seeing this cutie again.


Oh my word, these two!  Kelina has been coming to see me since she was three months old.    And it has been a joy watching her grow up.  She brought her cousin Ava and they were too peas in a pod.  So much fun together and such a joy to photograph.


These sisters are so sweet!  And I love that they have a family of J’s – this being Jaelle and Jiselle.  Older sister Jaelle was so excited when I asked if she could hold her little sister like that.  She was so proud.  It was precious!  I feel like it was just yesterday that little Jiselle came to me as a newborn, it was wonderful to have them back.


So happy for so many fun Mini’s.   Next ones are coming up soon and newsletter subscribers get first notification.  Message me to get added to the list.  And many thanks to all the families that joined me this Spring!