Hayley {10 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh sweet newborn Hayley, just 10 days new!  She brought her big brother in for pictures and he was sweet as an angel.  Look at that little kiss.  What a great big brother, protector and playmate Logan will be.

And what a precious little bundle of pink Haley was during our newborn session.    So peaceful!  Look at those sweet cheeks and button noes. What perfection!

Newborn Hayley was an absolute star at our photography session.  I love her hands in these…. little, itty bitty toesand fingers.

Tis the season, so we grabbed a Christmas moment.  Just chilling.  Chilling in this fuzzy Santa hat!  That must go on the “nice” list.

BL H newborn 7737

Oh those cheeks!  Love these precious moments with her mom.  So much love.  Had such a lovely time with this family at our newborn session.  I can say nothing more.




Lydia {6 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh my precious!  These sweet girl joined me at the studio for her newborn photography session at just 6 days new.  She was so tiny and so quiet.  A dream to photograph.  She was all the sweet snuggles in pink.

Her mom brought along this hat.  Its one of the very best little hats a client has ever brought into the studio.  They had received it as a gift and its a great one.  Sweet tiny bird.  These pictures came out so much more perfect than I even imagined.  Big cheeks, little bird.

Lydia was awesome at all our poses.  So sweet in plum.  And that bunny.  Mom brought that long too because big sister Reese had worn it at her newborn session.  I love those sorts of pictures.

This family was precious.  And big sister Reese was great.  There was so much love.    These two girls are going to get to grow up as best of friends.

Meera & Reeva {8 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

These two beauties arrived into this world a few weeks early, weighing just over 5lb and 6 lbs each.  And oh my goodness, are they adorable.  Meet newborns Meera & Reeva!

I have to admit that, while newborn photography can have its challenges, a twin session can sometimes be double so.  But not these two.  They were quiet as can be.  They were so happy to be bundled up and snuggled together.

They each have their own sweet personality.  Little Reeva barely moved.  Meera is her slightly more vocal sister and definitely had something to say when she was hungry.  But they were both just as sweet as can be.

I recently picked up this pink fur and lace and it has been in my studio waiting for the perfect moment.  And perfection was found indeed.  Look at these sweet snuggles.  look at all those little fingers and toes – twenty to be exact.

Such a beautiful newborn session with these two.  Look forward to seeing them again!


Brylen {12 days new}

Oh what a sweet angel – meet 12 days new Brylen!  He could not be more perfect!  I have known this family for a long time, so it was a joy to see them bring this new little wonder into the world and to my studio.   Just look how cute he is, all dressed up in blue!  He just rocked his newborn session!

Brylen brought along his big sister, who was just a doll.  Can you see the sweetness?  And the smiles?  He is so loved!

My goodness, how precious are these snuggles.

These were both special requests form his mom.  Love these beautiful images!   Such a perfect gift.  That is the bible that was used in his parent’s wedding ceremony.  Brylen rests on the verse:

1 Samuel 1:27  I prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I asked of him

I am so excited for this sweet family.  They are just beautiful people inside and out.  It was a joy to photography their new addition.   Welcome to this world, Brylen!

Harrison {12 days new}

Oh my sweet precious!  Meet 12 day new Harrison!  Look at those sweet toes!  And those little fingers.  Newborn Harrison looks so cozy.

Harrison was such an angel at our newborn session.  I love these moments with his parents.  There is so much love!  And that bowtie!  So dapper, little man.

This was a special moment.  That flag belonged to Harrison’s grandfather.  I love seeing family and traditions honored in newborn pictures.

The family also brought knit blanket made by his grandmother.  It has been softened by years of snuggling by his older sister.  Now Harrison has his chance.   I think he likes it.

Such a handsome little guy and a sweet family.  It was great to have them in the studio!

Such a handsome little guy and a sweet family.  It was great to have them in the studio!

Isabelle {14 days new}


Oh sweet, little Isabelle!  This bit of precious came to my studio for her newborn session when she was two weeks old.    Look at those beautiful eyes and that sweet smile she snuck into our session.


There has been a lot of red, white and blue at my sessions lately.  And I love it.  Sweet Isabelle is adorable in this American Flag inspired skirt.  Stars, stripes and cute little baby fingers and noses.


Isabelle was such a calm newborn.  So wonderful to work with.    And her family was lovely to hang out with.  These moments with her parents are so precious.  Mommy & Daddy love, there is nothing like it.  Welcome to the world, Miss Isabelle!