Adrian {cake smash} – Children’s Photography – Richmond, VA

The sweet and serious one year old Adrian!  So serious, so sweet.  He was the very first session in my studio for 2018 – what a great way to start the year!

He joined me to celebrate his first birthday.  Red flannel has been quite the thing this year.  Red flannel bow tie and suspenders – yes please!  Such a thinker this kid.    Look  at that pose.

Then we brought out the cake.  Which apparently was not his favorite.  We tried, we did.  But this birthday boys just stared us down with those handsome eyes.  But he looked cute in the pursuit of the smash.

Happy Birthday Adrian – it was so great to celebrate with you and your family.

Danielle & Jimmy {family}

This photography session was just a joy  I love that they came for their holiday session with just their dog – Sully and themselves.    This family was beautiful and we had a perfect day at Midlo-Mines for their photography session.  Picture perfect.  And they were all about sitting in the tall grass, which as a photographer I appreciate.

It is so fun to be with families and couples that are happy together.  And Danielle and Jimmy, truly seem like they are so happy together.  They just kept stealing cute glances and making each other smile.

Sully was the star of the show, rocking his holiday colors.  This dog is one loved little pup.  Love him in this hat.

And I love that Sully got to play such a huge part in this special announcement.  While this was not specifically a maternity photography session, they were definitely planning a big announcement for family and friends.   She broke out a big bag of Pintresty magic for this and it was amazing.  So much fun.    Move over Sully, there is about to be a new kid in town.  And I am so excited I finally get to share these birth announcement pictures.

Holiday Minis 2017

Oh my goodness, these may just be the best Holiday minis yet.   This year, I was fortunate enough to find two amazing locations and of course, be joined by over a dozen awesome families.

We had such great start our Mini Sessions at Tuckahoe Plantation – the weather here in Richmond was really agreeing with us.  And I was excited to have these two sweet faces back with me to start off our sessions.  Jaelle & Jiselle are all smiles and so much fun to photograph.

These girls crack me up!  Emma and Lexi were allowed to pick their own outfits for their mini-session.  And look at all that sparkle!  Yes, those are silver glitter boots and a furry shawl.  Beautiful girls, just beautiful!

One of the best part of mini-sessions is all the new families I get to meet.  This is sweet Stella and her parents.  They were all such a joy to work with.  And her smile, its just radiant!

Ah, the sweet and sassy Victoria!  Last time I saw here was with her puppy and they were so cute together.  This time it was all her, and her awesome parents of course.

I love when adults sneak into my minis.  It’s the 20 minutes I get to talk in a regular voice instead of my – smile at me – photographer voice.  Abbey and Noah were a blast to work with.  And they may just have scored themselves some perfect light for this maternity mini.  Stunning!

Then came this bundle of energy – Joshua, Ethan and Zachary – who brought along their newest addition, baby sister Rose.   Isn’t she adorable – and well loved.   They are such a great family!

We closed our day at Tuckahoe Plantation with this character.  This is Noah and this photography session was all about him.  Many kids this age like to stick close to their parents, but nope, not Noah.  He was doing his own thing and it was awesome.

Before heading back out to my next set of Holiday Minis, I got to sneak in a few at the Little Love’s studio.    Sweet Rachael all decked out for Christmas.  She was as cute and as curious as she could be.  And I just love that red hair and fabulous dress.

Studio minis also brought in these two.  We had just spent some time together at the Fall Mini Sessions, so I was excited to have them back for the Holidays.  Savannah and Miles are adorable.  So many smiles!  And her dress – it had glitter and pink double decker buses – I loved it!

Holiday Minis continued at Hope Tree Farm.  Rhett and Kelso are dear friends of our family, so it is always fun to see this crew all dressed up.  They are a seriously cute family.

I get to see this family quite a bit to at our sessions.  And I am so thankful to be their photographer because these girl’s are adorable.    Are you catching those fancy boots and red snowflake inspired winter leggings??   All smiles from Bayliegh and Finley!

Oh its Clayton!  He was in over the summer for his 1 year cake smash and this kid just keeps getting cuter.  Love those matching jackets.

Carson and Caybrie are back after our fantastic session in the Spring.  These two are such a pleasure to photograph.   Big smiles all around.  And I love these colors – they are so perfectly bright. And the plaid – adorable!

So many of my families return year after year.  And some years their kids show up and they seem to have just grown up in an instant.  Such is true for twins Vivienne and Everett. They have been coming to see me since their newborn session. And now, oh my goodness, look at them!

We ended out our holiday minis with this great family.  And I say it every time – these two remind me so much of my own boys.  Right down to that hoodie sweathshirt.  Grant and Avery are wonderful young men and it was so great to close this year out with their family.

As always, my thanks to everyone that joined us for the 2017 Holiday Mini Sessions.  You all truly make my photographer life better and I look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Savanah {family holiday}

I just adore he magical look on her face!  Meet little miss Savannah, almost two years old and just as cute as can be.  Look at those amazing blue eyes and those cute cheeks.  This girl was such a joy.  And we were so fortunate to have such a beautiful day to photograph her and her family this holiday season.

This family photography session was so wonderful – they were beautiful and the light was just picture perfect.  I  love the pink flower and maroon against that winter evening sky.

Savannah was all smiles.   Like all of them. And I am so thankful for that.  We were able to capture so many precious moments with her and her family.  I hope they treasure these for years to come!

Hayley {10 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh sweet newborn Hayley, just 10 days new!  She brought her big brother in for pictures and he was sweet as an angel.  Look at that little kiss.  What a great big brother, protector and playmate Logan will be.

And what a precious little bundle of pink Haley was during our newborn session.    So peaceful!  Look at those sweet cheeks and button noes. What perfection!

Newborn Hayley was an absolute star at our photography session.  I love her hands in these…. little, itty bitty toesand fingers.

Tis the season, so we grabbed a Christmas moment.  Just chilling.  Chilling in this fuzzy Santa hat!  That must go on the “nice” list.

BL H newborn 7737

Oh those cheeks!  Love these precious moments with her mom.  So much love.  Had such a lovely time with this family at our newborn session.  I can say nothing more.




Lydia {6 days new} – Newborn Photography – Richmond, VA

Oh my precious!  These sweet girl joined me at the studio for her newborn photography session at just 6 days new.  She was so tiny and so quiet.  A dream to photograph.  She was all the sweet snuggles in pink.

Her mom brought along this hat.  Its one of the very best little hats a client has ever brought into the studio.  They had received it as a gift and its a great one.  Sweet tiny bird.  These pictures came out so much more perfect than I even imagined.  Big cheeks, little bird.

Lydia was awesome at all our poses.  So sweet in plum.  And that bunny.  Mom brought that long too because big sister Reese had worn it at her newborn session.  I love those sorts of pictures.

This family was precious.  And big sister Reese was great.  There was so much love.    These two girls are going to get to grow up as best of friends.