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Celebrating birthdays with experienced Richmond, VA based family photographer – Little Loves Photography

Brendan {2 years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

I love celebrating birthdays with my little clients and when this cutie came back, I thought, my goodness – another year already! Yup, here he is, two year old Brendan! Look how he has grown up!

Sibyl’s {80th Birthday} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

What a party!! I hope I have this many wonderful people around to celebrate me when I am 80. Truly the sign of a life well lived. Happy Birthday Sibyl!

Lejend {2 Years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA

This little guy first came to me as a newborn and I cannot believe he is 2 already.  I think he knew how super cute he was because he seems to have a bit of a model swagger.  So awesome this kid and so… Continue Reading “Lejend {2 Years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA”

Ethan {1 Year} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA

Ethan turned one and I got to visit with him and his sister.  It has been such a joy watching him grow from a newborn to a sweet little boy, toddling around and setting his own rules.   His sister has been coming in… Continue Reading “Ethan {1 Year} – Family Photography, Richmond, VA”