Chase {3 years} – Children’s Photography, Richmond, VA


This is Chase.  Chase loves trucks.  So I love that his mom brought a bunch of trucks for him to play with.   And these trucks made him so very happy.


His mom also told me that he was going to be a full on boy…. and there would be chasing. Reminds me of my own boys and I love that too.  But Chase was actually a total photographic star for our session.  We played a little, we a ran a little, he even sat and smiled a moment.  His personality was so sweet and curious.


And then we talked about lollipops.  Because a good kid model deserves a lollipop, right?   Particularly after the lovely walk we took around the lake.  Then I asked if I could share his lollipop.  His reaction was priceless.

It’s ok, kiddo.  You earned that lollipop!

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