Grayson {1 Year}

Happy Birthday Grayson!  One looks great on you!   This little guys showed up to our one-year photography sessions with his little plaid shirt and coordinating banner and chair.  And it was all so perfect!

I have seen quite a bit of Grayson this year and each time he is just so filled with joy.  I mean this kid smiles ALL.THE.TIME.  Shall we call him a photographer’s dream!?!  He is also working on those standing skills, and some leaf eating skills.  And boy does this kid love his grandparents, who traveled from northern Virginia to be with him on his birthday and this session.

It is no surprise Grayson is such a happy kid because he has the kindest family.    We had a great day roaming around and grabbing these pictures.  We even had the chance to talk to staff and learn about the gardens.  Hope you had the best birthday Grayson!


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